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How do we read for transformation, not just information? First, choose books that stir the soul and have an enduring quality. Then read with God and others at an unhurried pace, attentive to what the Holy Spirit wants to teach. The Renovaré Book Club is designed for transformative reading. It runs October 2018—May 2019.

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The Renovaré Podcast

Nathan Foster talks to ordinary saints about spiritual formation, spiritual disciplines and everyday life with God. New episodes every other Monday.

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Nathan Foster Richella Parham
Nathan Foster & Richella Parham
December 4, 2017

Episode 107 - The Liturgy of Waiting // Richella Parham

In this Advent season of expectation, Renovaré Ministry team member and author Richella Parham joins Nathan again to talk about what she calls the liturgy of waiting.

Richella's blog is Imparting Grace.

Shane Claiborne Chris Hall Nathan Foster
Shane Claiborne & Chris Hall & Nathan Foster
November 20, 2017

Episode 106 - Finding God on Death Row // Shane Claiborne & Chris Hall

Chris Hall went with Shane Claiborne recently to visit inmates on death row. They join Nate again this week to talk about what God's restorative justice looks like.

Learn more about Shane's book Executing Grace at Shane Claiborne

Shane Claiborne Chris Hall Nathan Foster
Shane Claiborne & Chris Hall & Nathan Foster
November 13, 2017

Episode 105 - Taking More Risks with God // Shane Claiborne & Chris Hall

Chris Hall along with Shane Claiborne, author and founder of the Simple Way in Philadelphia, join Nate to talk about stepping out of your comfort zone with God.

Learn more at websites of The Simple Way or Shane Claiborne.

Steve Macchia Nathan Foster
Steve Macchia & Nathan Foster
November 6, 2017

Episode 104 - Coming Alongside the Next Generation // Steve Macchia

“Something happens when you age—you realize life isn't all about you. It's about what you're able to offer to another.” In this episode Nate talks with Steve Macchia about his new book Legacy, a collection of life reflections given to his kids on his 60th birthday.

Steve is founder and president of Leadership Transformations, a ministry that helps leaders to discern and pursue God's unique will for you, your team, and your ministry.

Carolyn Arends
Carolyn Arends
October 30, 2017

Episode 103 - Does Meek Mean Weak? // Carolyn Arends

Renovaré Director of Education Carolyn Arends spoke recently at Pacific Community Church on the true power of being meek.

Ragan Sutterfield Nathan Foster
Ragan Sutterfield & Nathan Foster
October 23, 2017

Episode 102 - Wendell Berry and the Given Life // Ragan Sutterfield

Wendell Berry is the kind of writer that when you read his work it can change the way you live. Ragan Sutterfield, author and Episcopal priest in training, talks this week about Berry, sabbath, and permaculture—working with God's order instead of manipulating the world to our own ends.

Chris Webb Nathan Foster
Chris Webb & Nathan Foster
October 16, 2017

Episode 101 - The Courage to Face Our Brokenness // Chris Webb

When the love of God is experienced—known deeply and personally with the heart—it gives us courage to face our brokenness and be vulnerable with one another. Chris Webb returns to talk on that topic and others from his new book God Soaked Life, which is part of the upcoming Renovaré Book Club.

Nathan Foster Brian Morykon
Nathan Foster & Brian Morykon
October 9, 2017

Episode 100 - ONE HUNDRED! A Few Favorite Conversations // Nathan Foster

Podcast editor Brian Morykon interviews Nathan Foster and they share a few favorite clips from the first 100 episodes. 

Nathan Foster Chris Webb
Nathan Foster & Chris Webb
October 2, 2017

Episode 99 - Shake off the Fear // Chris Webb

Chris Webb is an Anglican priest, author, and former president of Renovaré. He shares stories of his past ministry in churches in the idyllic Welsh countryside, and gives some needed perspective and advice for the American church.

Juanita Campbell Rasmus Nathan Foster
Juanita Campbell Rasmus & Nathan Foster
September 25, 2017

Episode 98 - An Expansive Heart // Juanita Rasmus

"Compassion is the experience of a heart that has known its own suffering and has been made expansive by the healing power of the love of God." Juanita Rasmus, co-pastor of St. John’s United Methodist Church in Downtown Houston, shares on social justice at Westmont College.