In this episode, philoso­pher J.P. More­land shares hon­est­ly about his expe­ri­ence with severe anx­i­ety, and the spir­i­tu­al prac­tices that helped him receive receive God’s peace.

[1:08] I’m real­ly inter­est­ed to know how a phi­los­o­phy pro­fes­sor ends up writ­ing a book on anx­i­ety and depression.

[3:53] The oth­er thing you do that I found real­ly help­ful is that you address a lot of con­cerns that Chris­tians might have about men­tal health or med­ica­tion or self-com­pas­sion. Have you found that to be well-received or have you got­ten push­back from that?

[5:35] One of the pieces that I found real­ly help­ful in the book is you con­tin­ue to go back to all these prac­tices and very prac­ti­cal things that have worked for you, yet leav­ing it open for not being total­ly pre­scrip­tive for peo­ple. I’m curi­ous to hear a lit­tle about your jour­ney with con­tem­pla­tive prayer and how that has helped you with anxiety.

[8:00] Could you say a lit­tle about the four-step solu­tion process?

[16:50] What was it like to crash for all those months? Are you healed?

[22:10] How impor­tant were Bib­li­cal pas­sages for you?

[22:40] What would you say to some­one lis­ten­ing who is real­ly strug­gling with anx­i­ety and maybe has some self-con­dem­na­tion or shame around it?

[28:45] For folks who have friends and fam­i­ly, spous­es, that are strug­gling with anx­i­ety, is there a word you might have for the best way they can love each oth­er through this?

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