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Show Notes

In this episode, James, Richella, and Nate attempt to explain spiritual formation in layman’s terms, and address questions about fasting and struggling with feeling ill-will toward others.

  1. [1:18] Can you explain spiritual formation in layman’s terms?
  2. [15:50] Fasting — I’m totally sold on the idea of fasting, and I’ve read a lot of material on fasting, and even given a few devotional lessons on fasting, yet I’m still struggling with even wanting to fast or getting the results I hope to get – an increased sense of the Lord’s presence, spiritual breakthroughs in some personal issues. I struggle with answers to prayer. Please help.
  3. [34:03] I’m experiencing greater levels of ill-will toward others, and I’m concerned about where this ill will is coming from. Do you have advice on how to handle it?

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