For many of us spiritual formation has been an incredible doorway to a deeper life with God.

We know our spiritual formation grows best when it is planted in the good soil of being together. Finding this sort of fellowship can be challenging, though. Renovaré has spent some time asking the question: How can we gather ourselves and others into the sort of community we so crave?

Is there more that we can do to facilitate long-term, face-to-face connection points—not centered around a teaching, but around relationships and living these disciplines and ideas out in community?

In answer to this question, we are currently developing a new initiative: The Fellowship of the Burning Heart—A Community Expression of Renovaré.

Lay Order—Pilot Groups Launching Soon!

Our first exploration in community life will be to revive the idea of a lay order. This is for people seeking a deep commitment. We are currently putting together three pilot groups that will become regional chapters of people committed to meeting yearly for a retreat—same people, same place, same time of year—to be together, encourage each other, learn from one another and deepen life with God by living out a shared rule of life between gatherings and small group monthly video calls.

This is just the start of our community endeavors. More ideas and ways to connect are being prayed over and planned for. Thank you for being a part of our extended Renovaré family. We’re looking forward to seeing what else God has in store.

In the fellowship of the burning heart,

Nathan Foster Director of Community Life, Renovaré

Applications to launch a pilot group will be up soon. Please register to be updated on this initiative here:

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