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In this month’s episode of Friends in For­ma­tion, Richel­la, James, and Nate dis­cuss hon­est lis­ten­er ques­tions about safe­ty with­in the King­dom of God, rhythms of spir­i­tu­al prac­tice in a busy life, and how to lis­ten to the news.

    1. [0:45] Dal­las Willard com­ments on the gospel and how liv­ing with­in the king­dom brings safe­ty. Could you com­ment on what Dal­las might have meant by safe with­in the king­dom when the king­dom is here but not yet” ful­ly present?
    2. [11:40] My ques­tion, as a hus­band, a father of four young chil­dren, and a pas­tor of a church, I find it incred­i­bly dif­fi­cult to cre­ate a rhythm of spir­i­tu­al prac­tice. Every day is sched­uled so dif­fer­ent­ly and carv­ing a qui­et moment of med­i­ta­tion, con­tem­pla­tion, soli­tude, or any oth­er atten­tive dis­ci­pline is all but impos­si­ble in this sea­son of life. In Richard Fos­ter’s Sanc­tu­ary of the Soul” he sug­gests that par­ents of young chil­dren rest easy” for the time being until the chil­dren need less atten­tion. My kids are 3, 5, 7, and 9 and I find them even busier than when they were infants. Do you have any suggestions?
    3. [27:40] I’m a news­pa­per (news out­let) dab­bler. For many years I nev­er read and even avoid­ed the news and now I read a lit­tle every day, spend­ing ide­al­ly less than 15 min­utes of my day. How would Jesus read/​listen to the news our day and age? Put dif­fer­ent­ly, how should the gospel of the king­dom’s avail­abil­i­ty effect how we inform our­selves about cur­rent events?

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    Friends in For­ma­tion is a Ren­o­varé pod­cast where three very dif­fer­ent friends take lis­ten­er ques­tions about life and faith, with the goal of lis­ten­ing, learn­ing, and help­ing one anoth­er go deep­er with God.

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