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In this month’s episode of Friends in Formation, Richella, James, and Nate discuss honest listener questions about safety within the Kingdom of God, rhythms of spiritual practice in a busy life, and how to listen to the news.

    1. [0:45] Dallas Willard comments on the gospel and how living within the kingdom brings safety. Could you comment on what Dallas might have meant by safe within the kingdom when the kingdom is here but not yet” fully present?
    2. [11:40] My question, as a husband, a father of four young children, and a pastor of a church, I find it incredibly difficult to create a rhythm of spiritual practice. Every day is scheduled so differently and carving a quiet moment of meditation, contemplation, solitude, or any other attentive discipline is all but impossible in this season of life. In Richard Foster’s Sanctuary of the Soul” he suggests that parents of young children rest easy” for the time being until the children need less attention. My kids are 3, 5, 7, and 9 and I find them even busier than when they were infants. Do you have any suggestions?
    3. [27:40] I’m a newspaper (news outlet) dabbler. For many years I never read and even avoided the news and now I read a little every day, spending ideally less than 15 minutes of my day. How would Jesus read/​listen to the news our day and age? Put differently, how should the gospel of the kingdom’s availability effect how we inform ourselves about current events?

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