In this month’s episode of Friends in For­ma­tion, Richel­la, James, and Nate discuss:

  • The Avail­abil­i­ty of the King­dom of God
  • Prayer
  • Lone­li­ness in these times

We ref­er­ence this beau­ti­ful para­phrase of the Lord’s Prayer from Dal­las Willard’s book, The Divine Con­spir­a­cy (p. 269):

Dear Father always near us,
May your name be trea­sured and loved,
May your rule be com­plet­ed in us –
May your will be done here on earth
In just the way it is done in heav­en.
Give us today the things we need today,
And for­give us our sins and impo­si­tions on you
As we are for­giv­ing all who in any way offend us.
Please don’t put us through tri­als,
But deliv­er us from every­thing bad.
Because you are the one in charge,
And you have all the pow­er,
And the glo­ry too is all yours – for­ev­er –
Which is just the way we want it!

Scrip­ture references:

  • Romans 8:26 – 28
  • Psalms 40:1 – 3
  • Matthew 6:9 – 13

Resources men­tioned in this episode:

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