In this month’s episode of Friends in Formation, Richella, James, and Nate discuss:

  • The Availability of the Kingdom of God
  • Prayer
  • Loneliness in these times

We reference this beautiful paraphrase of the Lord’s Prayer from Dallas Willard’s book, The Divine Conspiracy (p. 269):

Dear Father always near us,
May your name be treasured and loved,
May your rule be completed in us –
May your will be done here on earth
In just the way it is done in heaven.
Give us today the things we need today,
And forgive us our sins and impositions on you
As we are forgiving all who in any way offend us.
Please don’t put us through trials,
But deliver us from everything bad.
Because you are the one in charge,
And you have all the power,
And the glory too is all yours – forever –
Which is just the way we want it!

Scripture references:

  • Romans 8:26 – 28
  • Psalms 40:1 – 3
  • Matthew 6:9 – 13

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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