Writer, teacher, and pastor Keith Matthews had the unique opportunity to teach beside Dallas Willard for 18 years. Pastors and students who had read Dallas would often come and say: We know his writing is special, but we’re here to find out if he’s for real.” 

In this episode, Nathan and Keith discuss Dallas Willard’s thoughts on character, his legacy, and the work being carried on through Dallas Willard Ministries, the Dallas Willard School of Kingdom Living, and the newly formed Dallas Willard Publishing.

Show Notes

[6:00] Tell me the story of when you first met Dallas. 

[9:50] What did you learn from him?

[14:20] He was once asked what one of the defining characteristics of Jesus life was, and he answered with the word relaxed, is that correct?

[19:35] Many people have picked up and are working with his work and ideas. Are you encouraged by that? Do you see holes or things that are lacking?

[22:00] What does that look like for you, living daily with Christ?

[23:40] On Dallas Willard Publications, how is it going and are there books in the works? Do you have a favorite Dallas book, or one you would recommend to people who have not read him before?

[28:40] Tell us about the Dallas Willard School of Kingdom Living.


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