Let’s all get maladjusted to a world gone mad,” sings Carolyn Arends. In this episode, she shares two songs from her new album — Maladjusted” and To Cry for You” — and the stories behind them.

Show Notes

  • Carolyn’s new album—Recognition
  • 5:00 The idea behind the song Maladjusted came from a conversation where Nathan said, It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” Why would it be a goal to seek to thrive in systems that are fundamentally sick, with hurry, narcissism, consumerism, valuing expediency over people? Martin Luther King Jr. mentioned in a speech in 1963 that he was proud to be maladjusted to a world with entrenched poverty and racism. It’s the idea of the upside-down kingdom, of not being conformed to this world.
  • 14:25 The song To Cry for You came from Carolyn’s need to grieve the loss of her mom.
  • Grief is the work that love must do.… so it is my honor to cry for you”
  • There are some wounds that don’t heal and there is something beautiful about that too; and keeps us longing for the age to come and is honoring to those we’ve lost. If blunt yourself to grief, you also blunt yourself to joy.
  • Feelings always come out. Allowing ourselves to be in suffering births in our soul the ability to be in the blessing, gift in the midst of it.
  • Brian Morykon quote:
    God has gallons of joy to pour into us. The problem is that we all begin life as small as a shot glass. So we have to be heated up and remade. That’s what trials are for. Yielding to God in the midst of our hard times makes us pliable and God expands us. Our capacity for joy increases, both now and forever.”
  • We live on a broken planet. Death wasn’t meant to be a gift – it is still the enemy, but a defeated enemy. But God has a remarkable genius for redeeming stuff, bringing beauty of out ashes – pain and tears aren’t wasted. When we cooperate with him in it, he uses it to enlarge us, including our capacity for joy. There is suffering that doesn’t seem to find its way to a conscious awareness of redemption in life – we don’t have to spin things and put a tidy bow on it. We have the Psalms to remind us that the story is not over.
  • 25:50 Look for Carolyn’s new project – In the Morning — an acoustic worship album with songs that help unlock our hearts to what God wants to do in our midst.
  • Get Carolyn’s music at her website, Car​olynArends​.com.
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