Let’s all get mal­ad­just­ed to a world gone mad,” sings Car­olyn Arends. In this episode, she shares two songs from her new album — Mal­ad­just­ed” and To Cry for You” — and the sto­ries behind them. You can find Car­olyn’s music at her web­site, Car​olynArends​.com.

Show Notes

[1:00] Tell us about your new album Recog­ni­tion. Many of the songs feel like Ren­o­varé-birthed songs.

[4:30] Did I have some­thing to do with the idea behind the song Mal­ad­just­ed?

[7:30] How do you deci­pher a cul­tur­al val­ue that is not nec­es­sar­i­ly a king­dom val­ue? How do you sift through what you should adjust to and what you shouldn’t?

[12:40] Car­olyn plays Mala­just­ed

[14:25] What is behind the song To Cry for You?

[20:40] Grief is a good top­ic to be talk­ing about now as peo­ple talk about our expe­ri­ence with the pan­dem­ic as grief. One of my favorite quotes is feel­ings always come out.” There is some­thing about allow­ing our­selves to be in the suf­fer­ing that births an abil­i­ty to be in the bless­ing, the good­ness, the gift. 

[24:15] Car­olyn plays To Cry for You

[25:50] Look for Carolyn’s new project – In the Morn­ing — an acoustic wor­ship album with songs that help unlock our hearts to what God wants to do in our midst.


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