Let’s all get maladjusted to a world gone mad,” sings Carolyn Arends. In this episode, she shares two songs from her new album — Maladjusted” and To Cry for You” — and the stories behind them. You can find Carolyn’s music at her website, CarolynArends.com.

Show Notes

[1:00] Tell us about your new album Recognition. Many of the songs feel like Renovaré-birthed songs.

[4:30] Did I have something to do with the idea behind the song Maladjusted?

[7:30] How do you decipher a cultural value that is not necessarily a kingdom value? How do you sift through what you should adjust to and what you shouldn’t?

[12:40] Carolyn plays Malajusted

[14:25] What is behind the song To Cry for You?

[20:40] Grief is a good topic to be talking about now as people talk about our experience with the pandemic as grief. One of my favorite quotes is feelings always come out.” There is something about allowing ourselves to be in the suffering that births an ability to be in the blessing, the goodness, the gift. 

[24:15] Carolyn plays To Cry for You

[25:50] Look for Carolyn’s new project – In the Morning — an acoustic worship album with songs that help unlock our hearts to what God wants to do in our midst.


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