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In this month’s episode of Friends in Formation, Richella, James, and Nate answer honest listener questions regarding Safety in the Kingdom of God, social justice concerns, and nurturing a character of peacefulness and gentleness.

  1. [0:40] I recognize it is probably uncomfortable to acknowledge that God may not keep us safe from an earthly perspective, but Christianity is nothing if it does not provide us tools for understanding and living our sometimes extremely difficult lives. And from another listener: I was a missionary in PNG time and again I would encounter tribes on the road in conflict. My kids were in the back of the pickup . I would put my landcruiser in four wheel drive 2 gear in case I was set upon. I was prepared to go through the tribe. Was I scared you bet

  2. [14:52] In your opinion, how can the church begin to have a stronger voice in issues of social justice?

  3. [27:28] What practices have you found that have helped you grow in peacefulness and gentleness? How have you been able to keep peace and calm lately with all that is going on?

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