James Catford, board chair at Renovaré and SPCK (UK’s largest Christian publisher), talks to Nathan about a wonderfully practical book with an austere title: William Law’s A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life.

James is facilitating the Renovaré Book Club starting in April 2021

In the episode, you’ll hear Richard Foster and Dallas Willard introducing the book at the 1999 Renovaré International Conference.

Show Notes

[10:32] How has William Law’s book been helpful to you?

[12:45] How did the intersection of work and spiritual life play out for you?

[14:59] Did you find integration? 

[20:53] In a culture that wouldn’t be drawn to the title, ironically there is grace in this.

[22:16] What are some of the considerations, culturally, that people should come at this book with?

[24:40] He presents the idea that everything is sacred. Where does beauty come in?

[26:36] How does Law’s view of holiness lend itself to engaging with beauty, or does it?

[29:15] In a sense this is a work that helps us move closer into being people who function well.


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