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Take an online journey through four soul-shaping, Christ-centered books.

Registration for the 2020-2021 Book Club opens soon, sign up to be notified.

Membership Includes

Lighthouse Exclusive content from the author or seasoned guide.
Notebook Schedule, study guides, podcasts, essays, and email reminders.
Notebook Thoughtful online discussion with other Book Club members.
Map Optional in-person discussion groups in many locations (and growing!)

“Far too much to mention.”

That's how one participant answered, What was the most meaningful thing you received from the Book Club? Others said...

“*Exposure to diverse thoughts and opinions.* Incredible depth of some respondents.”
“Being introduced to books that I normally would not read. *It stretched me spiritually.* It was a growing and great experience.”
“It *broadened my diversity experience* in the Church.”
“*Finding like-minded Christians* trying to thrive in a consumer-driven environment”
“Insights I gained into love, perseverance thru suffering, thankfulness, non-violence, understanding the thinking of ancient times...”
“How these books helped me *to more fully understand the presence of God in my life* and begin to include Him more in my daily experiences.”
“*Personal growth* and that of others in the club. Our group members' relationship to Jesus went into overdrive!”
“*Being challenged to rethink my walk with the Lord* and draw closer to him through more meaningful prayer and transformation of my mind.”
“In addition to reading four books (yay!), *I have noticed my shift in thinking.... becoming closer to Jesus.* It was very beneficial.”
“Meeting with a group of *people who were reading and wrestling with the material alongside me.* It made for rich conversations. Others took notice of things that I missed.”

Soul-Stretching Books

Chosen by Renovaré for the 2019-2020 Season

How to Pray
Session 1 September 21–November 14
How to Pray : A Simple Guide for Normal People
by Pete Greig
Pete Greig Facilitated by Pete Greig
Jesus and the Disinherited
Session 2 November 16–February 6
Jesus and the Disinherited
by Howard Thurman
Walter Fluker 600x600 Facilitated by Walter Earl Fluker
Prayer in the Night
Session 3 February 8–April 10
Prayer in the Night : For Those Who Work or Watch or Weep
by Tish Harrison Warren
Tish 69 copy Facilitated by Tish Harrison Warren
A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life
Session 4 April 12–June 5
A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life
by William Law
james-catford Facilitated by James Catford
Person Posting Online

Kind Online Discussion

The Internet can be a scary place sometimes, especially when it comes to discussing close-to-the-heart topics. The Renovaré Book Club strives to create an online space where people ask without fear, seek understanding, and disagree while treating one another as Jesus would.

You can choose to participate in a members-only forum, a members-only Facebook group, an in-person group, or no group at all and simply follow along and enjoy the resources. It's up to you.

In-Person Groups

We're keeping an eye on COVID and will work with local coordinators on small group recommendations for 2020-21.

Questions & Answers


What is Renovaré?

Found­ed by Cel­e­bra­tion of Dis­ci­pline author Richard J. Fos­ter, Ren­o­varé is a Chris­t­ian non­prof­it that cre­ates resources and kin­dles com­mu­ni­ties which help peo­ple become more like Jesus. Learn more about Ren­o­varé.

What are the benefits of Membership?

Mem­ber­ship includes read­ing sched­ule with email reminders, study guides, pod­casts, essays and a mem­bers-only dis­cus­sion forum where you can inter­act with oth­er mem­bers and the Ren­o­varé team mem­bers lead­ing the ses­sions. Mem­ber­ship also includes access to vol­un­teer-led meet-up groups — vir­tu­al or in-per­son (when safe) — in select areas.

Timing (Start Date, Ship Dates)

When does the Book Club begin? Can I join anytime?

Reg­is­tra­tion will open on August 19.

Our 2020 – 21 sea­son will begin on Sep­tem­ber 21, 2020. You may join any time dur­ing the sea­son and have access to the bonus fea­tures of all four books (arti­cles and pod­casts, as well as dis­cus­sion board conversations). 

Due to the event-like nature of the Book Club, mem­ber­ships are not returnable/​refundable. Thanks for your under­stand­ing and for your sup­port of the work of Renovaré.

How long will I have access to the Book Club resources and discussions?

Once you join, you will have per­pet­u­al access to this sea­son’s resources and access to the dis­cus­sion forums through­out the sum­mer. We leave every­thing acces­si­ble on the Book Club dash­board through ear­ly September. 

Once we archive all of the resources, we send mem­bers a link to access them going for­ward. We do not pre­serve the dis­cus­sion boards past the summer.


Are books included with Membership?

Mem­ber­ships that include the first book are avail­able to pur­chase start­ing August 19 until Sep­tem­ber 28, 2020. Mem­bers who choose this option must still pur­chase or oth­er­wise obtain the final three books of the season.

Books may be bor­rowed from your local library, pur­chased at your local book­seller, or pur­chased using Ama­zon or CBD links on the Book Club pur­chase page (links sup­port Ren­o­varé). All of this sea­son’s books are avail­able in e‑book for­mat through online retail­ers as well.

Does it matter which editions of the books I use?

Yes, read­ers often find it eas­i­er to use the rec­om­mend­ed edi­tions, as page num­bers and oth­er details can be edi­tion-spe­cif­ic. If you use an edi­tion oth­er than the one rec­om­mend­ed, you may need to do some adap­ta­tion. Note: We are also aware that our read­ers are increas­ing­ly using eBook ver­sions of the texts, and we will do our best to make the read­ing assign­ments make sense for the dig­i­tal ver­sions of our cho­sen edi­tions as well.

Local Meet Ups

Virtual and in-person groups: How do they work? When do they meet? Does Renovaré facilitate them?

We have been great­ly encour­aged by the local com­mu­ni­ties, led by our won­der­ful, ded­i­cat­ed mem­ber-vol­un­teers, that have formed with­in our larg­er Book Club uni­verse over the past three seasons. 

This year, due to Covid-19 and the restric­tions and guide­lines many local­i­ties have put into place regard­ing in-per­son gath­er­ings, we are offer­ing our vol­un­teer hosts the option of host­ing an online-only meet-up (open to mem­bers across the globe) or a local in-per­son meet-up (these may begin online and move to in-per­son once it is safe to do so). Ren­o­varé pub­lish­es the list of vol­un­teers and the meet-up times and days but does not have a direct role in host­ing the groups.

That said, here are a few things to keep in mind:

• Your mem­ber­ship fee cov­ers the study guide, pod­casts, essays, week­ly reminders, and access to a online com­mu­ni­ty. Meet-ups, whether vir­tu­al or in-per­son, are a free bonus to the Book Club made pos­si­ble by vol­un­teers. Because of that, Ren­o­varé can­not accept respon­si­bil­i­ty for indi­vid­u­als’ expe­ri­ences — whether as host or par­tic­i­pant — in a Book Club group.

You must be a mem­ber of the Book Club to con­nect with a local host. We have assured our hosts that their infor­ma­tion will only be made avail­able to those who belong to the Book Club. Once you join, you will receive a spe­cial link to the coor­di­na­tors’ names and email address­es so you can con­nect with them.

Dates and times of meet-ups are set by hosts and are pub­lished on the Book Club web­site for your convenience.

We expect our Book Club mem­bers to treat one anoth­er as Jesus would, with the high­est lev­el of hon­or and respect. Any sort of abuse or harass­ment will not be tol­er­at­ed — whether in-per­son or online.

Thank you!

How The Book Club Works

Who are the moderators of the Book Club? Can I interact with them online?

Each ses­sion has a facil­i­ta­tor (either the author or an expert on the book) who will help you grow as you read each title. They pro­vide bonus arti­cles and pod­cast mes­sages about the book, but they do not engage on the dis­cus­sion forums. You will have an oppor­tu­ni­ty to post a ques­tion for the facil­i­ta­tor that might be includ­ed in each ses­sion’s third and final podcast/​webcast, which is dri­ven by mem­bers’ questions.

Our Ren­o­varé staff work togeth­er to mod­er­ate the dis­cus­sion board and engage as they are able. Ren­o­varé team mem­bers will be host­ing one mem­ber-wide video meet-up for each book. Infor­ma­tion on these will be post­ed once we launch the Club offi­cial­ly in September.

Final­ly, our region­al vir­tu­al and in-per­son meet-up groups are coor­di­nat­ed by vol­un­teer Book Club members.

How do I access downloads and participate in the discussions?

All resources and dis­cus­sion are through a spe­cial Book Club mem­bers web­site. Mem­bers receive their login infor­ma­tion via email a few days pri­or to the open­ing day of the Book Club (date com­ing soon).

Who chooses the books?

The lead­er­ship at Ren­o­varé meets every spring and maps out the sched­ule for the year.

What is the time commitment when I join the Book Club? Do I have to participate at a certain time or day of the week?

The Ren­o­varé Book Club can fit just about any sched­ule. We read each book over six weeks, so the read­ing assign­ments” are not more than 50 pages per week.

At the begin­ning of each book, our mem­bers receive an out­line of the pro­posed read­ing sched­ule. Every Mon­day, we send out an update that includes: 

  • A reminder of that week’s read­ing assignment 
  • A sup­ple­men­tary resource (usu­al­ly an arti­cle or a pod­cast) from that book’s facilitator 
  • (Some­times) option­al bonus resources for mem­bers who want to go deeper 
  • A dis­cus­sion ques­tion for those who wish to engage in online discussion.

All of the resources, once post­ed, are avail­able all sea­son. There are no live” online dis­cus­sions (mem­bers can post at any time), and you may engage as much or as lit­tle as you would like online.

Mem­bers who par­tic­i­pate in a vir­tu­al or in-per­son meet-up led by a vol­un­teer coor­di­na­tor will gath­er once-a-month at a time and day deter­mined by the vol­un­teer. See the list of vol­un­teer times here [linked].

Can I use the Club for my pre-existing book club or small group?

We do not have a flat-fee licens­ing sys­tem for our cur­rent Book Club. We will soon be offer­ing Book Club mate­ri­als for pre­vi­ous Book Club books that you may pur­chase for your group. We will post more infor­ma­tion when that is available.

That said, we’d also love it if any or all of your group were to join the 2020 – 21 sea­son, and we can cer­tain­ly set up your own online dis­cus­sion forum group if you do.

Other Questions

I have another question.

Jus­tine Olawsky is glad to help. Email her at [email protected]​renovare.​org.

Take an online journey through four soul-shaping, Christ-centered books.

Registration for the 2020-2021 Book Club opens soon, sign up to be notified.

Membership includes reading/study guide, podcasts, essays, online discussion group access, and weekly reminders. Books are not included and may be purchased from local bookseller or online (use Amazon or CBD links on our book purchase page to support Renovaré).