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Past participants said

The most meaningful thing about the Renovaré Book Club was...

Exposure to diverse thoughts and opinions. Incredible depth of some respondents.”
Being introduced to books that I normally would not read. It stretched me spiritually. It was a growing and great experience.”
It broadened my diversity experience in the Church.”
Finding like-minded Christians trying to thrive in a consumer-driven environment”
Insights I gained into love, perseverance thru suffering, thankfulness, non-violence, understanding the thinking of ancient times…”
How these books helped me to more fully understand the presence of God in my life and begin to include Him more in my daily experiences.”
Personal growth and that of others in the club. Our group members’ relationship to Jesus went into overdrive!”
Being challenged to rethink my walk with the Lord and draw closer to him through more meaningful prayer and transformation of my mind.”
In addition to reading four books (yay!), I have noticed my shift in thinking.… becoming closer to Jesus. It was very beneficial.”
Meeting with a group of people who were reading and wrestling with the material alongside me. It made for rich conversations. Others took notice of things that I missed.”
Person Posting Online

A Safe Space to Go Deeper

The Internet can be a scary place sometimes, especially when it comes to discussing close-to-the-heart topics. The Renovaré Book Club strives to create a space where people ask without fear, seek understanding, and honor one another even if there is disagreement.

You can choose to participate in a members-only online forum, an in-person or online small group, or no group at all and simply follow along and enjoy the resources. It's up to you.

Meaningful Small Group Discussions

Members may optionally join a small discussion group run by a volunteer coordinator. These video or in-person groups typically meet once a month at different times.

(In-person meeting protocols are decided by the volunteer coordinators and members, who are encouraged to abide by local health recommendations. Renovaré connects coordinators with members but does not oversee groups.)

Journey through four soul-shaping, Christ-centered books.

Thanks for a great season! Sign up to be notified about the new season that begins Fall 2022.