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The Renovaré Podcast

Nathan Foster talks to ordinary saints about spiritual formation, spiritual disciplines and everyday life with God. New episodes every other Monday.

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Lacy Finn Borgo Nathan Foster
Lacy Finn Borgo & Nathan Foster
April 22, 2019

A Seven-Week Resurrection Celebration // Lacy Borgo

Resurrection Sunday is just the beginning. The church calendar sets aside fifty days to celebrate the resurrection. Teacher, author, and Renovaré Ministry Team member Lacy Borgo shares the why and how of Eastertide.

Carolyn Arends
Carolyn Arends
April 8, 2019

Cracking Open Space for God // Carolyn Arends

"Advent and Lent are like little door jambs to crack open space in our hearts." In a tender conversation with Nathan Foster, singer/songwriter and Renovaré Director of Education Carolyn Arends shares her journey with the church calendar and remembers her mom who recently passed.

Carolyn's music is featured throughout the podcast. Learn more about Carolyn and her music at

Trevor Hudson Nathan Foster
Trevor Hudson & Nathan Foster
March 25, 2019

Meeting Christ in Our Tears // Trevor Hudson

When Jesus finds Mary crying at his tomb, he doesn't try to cheer her up or change her. He simply asks, "Why are you weeping?" In this moving talk—interspersed with pauses and contemplative music for reflection—author and pastor Trevor Hudson helps us listen to our pain and find Christ in our tears.

Music used during Trevor Hudson's reading by Chad Lawson, available only in the Dwell Scripture Meditation app.

Trevor Hudson Nathan Foster
Trevor Hudson & Nathan Foster
March 11, 2019

The Litmus Test for Lent // Trevor Hudson

Lent is the season when people give up things they enjoy. But is that even a good idea? What's the litmus test for observing Lent—or any spiritual practice, for that matter? Author, pastor, and Renovaré Institute instructor Trevor Hudson offers some liberating answers in this interview with Nathan Foster.   

Music used during Trevor Hudson's reading by Chad Lawson, available only in the Dwell Scripture Meditation app.

Nathan Foster Jean Nevills
Nathan Foster & Jean Nevills
February 25, 2019

Joy Is Powerful // Jean Nevills

Most Christians practice spiritual disciplines long before they know what a spiritual discipline is. For Jean Nevills, spiritual director and Renovaré Ministry Team member, celebration was a normal part of her upbringing and is part of everyday life now. In this conversation with Nathan Foster, she makes celebration practical.

Learn more about Jean Nevills spiritual direction and her retreat house in Oregon at her website.

Transitional music by Lee Rosevere.

James Catford Nathan Foster
James Catford & Nathan Foster
February 18, 2019

The Cloud of Unknowing // James Catford

Written by an anonymous author in the 14th century, The Cloud of Unknowing serves as a guide to Christian contemplation. For guest James Catford, Renovaré board member and former British Bible Society Chief Executive, it's a "lifetime book." Nathan Foster draws out James's insights on the book.

The 2019 Renovaré Book Club is going through The Cloud of Unknowing. Learn more.

Jan Johnson Nathan Foster
Jan Johnson & Nathan Foster
February 11, 2019

Being Glad With God // Jan Johnson

A good translation of Philippians 4:4 is, "Celebrate in the Lord, always." But what does that mean in practical terms? Author and teacher Jan Johnson joins Nathan Foster again to discuss being glad with God in the present moment.

Transitional music by Lee Rosevere.

Evan Howard Nathan Foster
Evan Howard & Nathan Foster
January 28, 2019

Is That God? // Evan Howard

Is learning to discern God's voice a fundamental spiritual discipline? Evan Howard believes so and joins Nathan Foster to share how God leads us. Evan's Ph.D. is in the area of Christian Discernment, and he teaches at institutions including Fuller Theological Seminary. 

Fil Anderson Nathan Foster
Fil Anderson & Nathan Foster
January 14, 2019

The Sound of God's Voice // Fil Anderson

"There's a difference between someone's words and someone's voice." Spiritual director and author Fil Anderson talks with Nathan Foster about learning to love and discern the sound of God's voice.

Learn more about Fil on his website.

Ruth Haley Barton Nathan Foster
Ruth Haley Barton & Nathan Foster
December 31, 2018

The Gift and Necessity of Time Away with God // Ruth Haley Barton

Dallas Willard once said, "If you don't come away for a while, you will come apart after a while." Ruth Haley Barton, author of Invitation to Retreat, joins Nathan to talk about the gift and necessity of retreat where we rest, unplug, and relinquish ourselves to God.