One of the highlights of attending a Renovaré conference back in the 1990s and 2000s was George Skramstad leading songs and hearing his History of Worship” presentation from the piano. Nathan talks with George about worship as expressed in music and life.

Show Notes

[3:35] How did you get into music professionally?

[6:32] What do you like about music?

[8:00] When you are leading worship, what do you hope is happening?

[10:57] Why is the word worship synonymous with music?

[12:34] You’ve created a masterpiece that we get to talk about today, and I’m very curious to know how this came to be.

[15:48] Why do you think is helpful for folks to catch this big picture of the worship of Christians through the ages?

[17:58] Do you have a favorite era in church music?


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