One of the high­lights of attend­ing a Ren­o­varé con­fer­ence back in the 1990s and 2000s was George Skram­stad lead­ing songs and hear­ing his His­to­ry of Wor­ship” pre­sen­ta­tion from the piano. Nathan talks with George about wor­ship as expressed in music and life.

Show Notes

[3:35] How did you get into music professionally?

[6:32] What do you like about music?

[8:00] When you are lead­ing wor­ship, what do you hope is hap­pen­ing?

[10:57] Why is the word wor­ship syn­ony­mous with music?

[12:34] You’ve cre­at­ed a mas­ter­piece that we get to talk about today, and I’m very curi­ous to know how this came to be.

[15:48] Why do you think is help­ful for folks to catch this big pic­ture of the wor­ship of Chris­tians through the ages?

[17:58] Do you have a favorite era in church music?


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