Apply by February 1, 2021 for the 2021-2023 Cohort, with residencies in Atlanta, GA!

Endorsements and Testimonials

I have spent two years within an environment that exemplifies openness, vulnerability, the love of God, the challenging of the mind and the cultivation of a permeable soul.”

Renovaré Institute Student

This course has been truly life changing. The teaching has given me a new vision of God, and of life that is so much bigger and more wonderful than anything I could have imagined.”

Renovaré Institute Student


There is no one I know doing better work at thinking about and pursuing spiritual formation. “Life-changing” is an adjective that gets thrown around too loosely, but this is one of the best opportunities for it I know.”

John Ortberg


The Renovaré Institute is designed to put its participants in position to live fully in the Kingdom of God, whatever their real life circumstances may be, increasingly manifesting the character and power of that Kingdom throughout the contemporary world. The spiritual formation field lacks intellectual rigor and testable information needed to put the gospel and spiritual life in Christ on the cognitive map for the multitudes of people who are hungry for something real. The mission of the Renovaré Institute is to make disciples of Jesus, immersing them into Trinitarian Life in the Kingdom of God, and teaching them actually to do what Jesus says is best.”

Dallas Willard


I give my highest endorsement for the Renovaré Institute. The Renovaré Institute will provide students with a solid framework for understanding and living out Christian Spiritual Formation. In addition, the cohort structure encourages an exceptional experience of Christian community life.”

Richard Foster

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