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Life-changing is an adjective that gets thrown around too loosely, but this is one of the best opportunities for it I know.”
—John Ortberg

Jesus showed us what it means to be fully alive, living in intimate connection with the Father, ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit. We're invited into that kind of life—life in the Kingdom of the heavens—right here and now.

The Renovaré Institute for Christian Spiritual Formation is a two-year online and in-person school designed to plunge you into that life.

Over the course of two years, students read more than 24 books and over 100 articles, participate in a variety of spiritual formation activities, develop a spiritual community with a small group of co-learners, and experience four residencies—28 days total—with teaching and formational activities built around key Renovaré concepts.

Like all things Renovaré, the program is a blend of intellect and experience, of individual and community, of theory and practice, of charismatic and contemplative. It is deeply and unapologetically centered on Christ and rooted in the gospel of the Kingdom.

The Renovaré Institute is designed to put its participants in position to live fully in the Kingdom of God, whatever their real life circumstances may be, increasingly manifesting the character and power of that Kingdom throughout the contemporary world. —Dallas Willard

Featured Faculty

Carolyn Arends Carolyn Arends
Trevor Hudson Trevor Hudson
Gary Moon Gary Moon
Lacy Finn Borgo Lacy Finn Borgo
Richard J. Foster Richard J. Foster
Nathan Foster Nathan Foster
Juanita Campbell Rasmus Juanita Campbell Rasmus
Chris Hall Chris Hall

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