Trevor Hudson talks with Nate about his new book, Seeking God: Finding Another Kind of Life with St. Ignatius and Dallas Willard, and unpacks what it means to be a seeker” in a Christ-following way. 

Show Notes

[1:43] I’m curious to know how you discovered St. Ignatius and how he’s impacted your life.

[3:30] What was that experience like for you, personally, to go through the Exercises?

[4:59] For those listening who don’t know, could you just give us a brief description of the Exercises?

[8:09] You’ve been able to lead people through the Exercises through these years. What have you noticed?

[9:51] How did you discover Dallas [Willard], and how has he impacted your life? What did that friendship bring to you and your family?

[12:46] How did the idea come to write a book involving these two friends?

[15:59] Tell us a little about the book.

[16:57] The term seeker, at least in the States, is usually referenced in Christian contexts as a non-Christian that the church is wooing in. You’re working with this word far beyond that. What does it mean to you?

[20:00] When Debbie referenced you as a seeker, is there a tension in that? Does she mean it all in a positive sense?

[21:58] Was Dallas right in saying you wouldn’t be content?

[23:18] What does that look like to embrace the present moment?

[25:05] What did you learn from writing this book?

[27:00] What are you reading these days?


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