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Divine Conspiracy: Jesus' Master Class for Life

DVD and Participant's Guide Pack

by Dallas Willard, John Ortberg

Pack containing one softcover guide and one DVD. Renowned teacher, writer of the acclaimed The Spirit of the Disciplines, and one of today’s most brilliant Christian thinkers, Dallas Willard now offers a new six-session DVD study and participant’s guide — a timely and challenging call back to the true meaning of Christian discipleship. 

Gracefully weaving biblical teaching, popular culture, science, scholarship, and spiritual practice into one cohesive group study, Willard shows Christians everywhere the necessity of making profound changes in how we view our lives and live out our faith. This video-based group study masterfully captures the core of Christ’s teachings in a fresh, relevant light, revealing a revolutionary way to experience God … by knowing Him as an essential part of the here and now, rather than only as a part of the hereafter.

Based on the Sermon on the Mount, the author calls Christians into a more authentic faith and then offers a practical plan by which we can answer the call. In light of sales of the groundbreaking print book, thousands of Christians will enroll in Jesus’ Master Class for Life’ … The Divine Conspiracy. The Divine Conspiracy session titles include: 1 The Divine Conspiracy 2 The Path to a Blessed Life 3 Becoming a Good Person 4 Treasuring What Matters Most 5 Becoming a Community of Prayerful Love 6 Living as a Disciple of Jesus


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