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Divine Conspiracy: Jesus' Master Class for Life

DVD and Participant's Guide Pack

by Dallas Willard, John Ortberg

Pack con­tain­ing one soft­cov­er guide and one DVD. Renowned teacher, writer of the acclaimed The Spir­it of the Dis­ci­plines, and one of today’s most bril­liant Chris­t­ian thinkers, Dal­las Willard now offers a new six-ses­sion DVD study and par­tic­i­pan­t’s guide — a time­ly and chal­leng­ing call back to the true mean­ing of Chris­t­ian dis­ci­ple­ship. 

Grace­ful­ly weav­ing bib­li­cal teach­ing, pop­u­lar cul­ture, sci­ence, schol­ar­ship, and spir­i­tu­al prac­tice into one cohe­sive group study, Willard shows Chris­tians every­where the neces­si­ty of mak­ing pro­found changes in how we view our lives and live out our faith. This video-based group study mas­ter­ful­ly cap­tures the core of Christ’s teach­ings in a fresh, rel­e­vant light, reveal­ing a rev­o­lu­tion­ary way to expe­ri­ence God … by know­ing Him as an essen­tial part of the here and now, rather than only as a part of the here­after.

Based on the Ser­mon on the Mount, the author calls Chris­tians into a more authen­tic faith and then offers a prac­ti­cal plan by which we can answer the call. In light of sales of the ground­break­ing print book, thou­sands of Chris­tians will enroll in Jesus’ Mas­ter Class for Life’ … The Divine Con­spir­a­cy. The Divine Con­spir­a­cy ses­sion titles include: 1 The Divine Con­spir­a­cy 2 The Path to a Blessed Life 3 Becom­ing a Good Per­son 4 Trea­sur­ing What Mat­ters Most 5 Becom­ing a Com­mu­ni­ty of Prayer­ful Love 6 Liv­ing as a Dis­ci­ple of Jesus


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