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Discovering Our Spiritual Identity

by Trevor Hudson

A prac­ti­cal and win­some book, Dis­cov­er­ing Our Spir­i­tu­al Iden­ti­ty cov­ers top­ics such as: hear­ing and speak­ing with God, grow­ing in spir­i­tu­al friend­ship, prac­tic­ing stew­ard­ship of our work and play, learn­ing dis­cern­ment, approach­ing our death and the world beyond, and liv­ing now in the king­dom of God. Chap­ters are pep­pered with holy exper­i­ments,” sim­ple prac­tices that bring us into God’s pres­ence and help us expe­ri­ence life as his beloved. At the end of each chap­ter is a set of ques­tions which are ide­al for dis­cus­sion with one or two spir­i­tu­al friends or a small group.

Trevor Hud­son states with utter sim­plic­i­ty and clar­i­ty the pro­found truths of Jesus Christ, about how we can live well and beau­ti­ful­ly, no mat­ter what our cir­cum­stances.” — from the fore­word by Dal­las Willard

Trevor Hud­son is one of South Africa’s con­tem­po­rary spir­i­tu­al mas­ters. This book con­tains the wis­dom of a gen­tle pas­tor guid­ing each of us into a deep­er walk with a God who heals.” — Scot McK­night, author of The Jesus Creed



A mov­ing, inspir­ing, easy-to-read tes­ti­mo­ny to the pure good­ness of God. By pos­ing per­ti­nent ques­tions, Trevor Hud­son takes us into the trans­form­ing, heal­ing pres­ence of God. Indi­vid­u­als and groups desir­ing to grow in grace and go deep­er into God could ben­e­fit enor­mous­ly from apply­ing them­selves to this pro­found and pow­er­ful book.
Joyce Huggett, author of The Joy of Listening to God

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