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Discovering Our Spiritual Identity

by Trevor Hudson

A practical and winsome book, Discovering Our Spiritual Identity covers topics such as: hearing and speaking with God, growing in spiritual friendship, practicing stewardship of our work and play, learning discernment, approaching our death and the world beyond, and living now in the kingdom of God. Chapters are peppered with holy experiments,” simple practices that bring us into God’s presence and help us experience life as his beloved. At the end of each chapter is a set of questions which are ideal for discussion with one or two spiritual friends or a small group.

Trevor Hudson states with utter simplicity and clarity the profound truths of Jesus Christ, about how we can live well and beautifully, no matter what our circumstances.” — from the foreword by Dallas Willard

Trevor Hudson is one of South Africa’s contemporary spiritual masters. This book contains the wisdom of a gentle pastor guiding each of us into a deeper walk with a God who heals.” — Scot McKnight, author of The Jesus Creed



A moving, inspiring, easy-to-read testimony to the pure goodness of God. By posing pertinent questions, Trevor Hudson takes us into the transforming, healing presence of God. Individuals and groups desiring to grow in grace and go deeper into God could benefit enormously from applying themselves to this profound and powerful book.
Joyce Huggett, author of The Joy of Listening to God

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