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[1:26] In the stage of life me and my husband are in — we have three young children, jobs, and we are involved in our local church, there are lots of opportunities to do good things. When I sit down and look at our family calendar, I feel overwhelmed and unable to do all that I set out to do! How do I know what to say no” to, and how do I say no” without feeling guilty?

[16:20] When moving forward to understand some of the deep riches of other Christian traditions that have not been familiar to me I sometimes find myself looking back at my own stream of origin and being pretty grumpy. Does anyone else find this happens to them? Any tips on not falling, ironically, into judgementalism about our family of origin’ in our faith?

[26:20] Does Christianity have a body” problem? What is the body and what is its connection to our spirituality as it relates to formation?


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