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Mythical Me

Finding Freedom from Constant Comparison

by Richella Parham

Do you ever find your­self stuck in the com­par­i­son trap?

Speak­er and author Richel­la Parham knows what this feels like. I could­n’t break free from admir­ing one per­son­’s achieve­ments, some­one else’s per­son­al­i­ty, anoth­er’s skills, yet anoth­er’s rela­tion­ships. And don’t get me start­ed on how I looked at oth­er peo­ple’s appear­ances,” she writes. I was haunt­ed by the admirable attrib­ut­es of oth­er peo­ple, cer­tain that I could nev­er match their wor­thi­ness. No mat­ter how well-inten­tioned the teach­ing or pithy the advice, I found that most of it did­n’t help me change my thoughts, feel­ings, or actions.” 

While there are no easy answers, Parham has iden­ti­fied cul­tur­al and spir­i­tu­al myths about oth­ers, God, and our­selves that keep us trapped. From there the jour­ney is a spir­i­tu­al one. We can pick up prac­tices that help us walk in the free­dom of Christ with con­fi­dence in our­selves. If you’ve ever suf­fered from tor­tured moments of com­par­i­son on Face­book, in the office, or in the hall­way at church, you’ll ben­e­fit from this fresh perspective. 

2019 Intervarsity Press


Mythical Me is a sorely needed corrective to our contemporary culture's obsession with constantly adjusting our personal and public image to fit hopelessly impossible standards. The wonderful news is that Mythical Me not only provides an accurate diagnosis of these soul-crushing habit patterns, it also guides us step by step into transformative ways of living and thinking that are eminently practical and life giving. I recommend it highly.
Richard Foster, Founder of Renovaré
In Mythical Me, Richella Parham offers practical, next-step wisdom, all rooted in rich theological insight and offered with companionable, encouraging candor. If you're looking for some empty jargon and the illusion of a quick, easy fix, this book is not for you. But if you're finally ready to embark upon the slow, difficult, beautiful journey toward becoming yourself, you won't find a better guide.
Carolyn Arends, Renovaré's Director of Education

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