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In this month’s episode of Friends in For­ma­tion, Richel­la, Nate, and James answer lis­ten­er ques­tions about the Streams, mov­ing small groups toward spir­i­tu­al for­ma­tion, and build­ing life­long friend­ships in this time of loneliness.

Show Notes

[1:47] In Decem­ber’s pod­cast, James men­tioned six dif­fer­ent Streams” of Chris­t­ian tra­di­tion: con­tem­pla­tive, holi­ness, charis­mat­ic, social jus­tice, evan­gel­i­cal and incar­na­tion­al (sacra­men­tal). Could you please talk more about them, both as they relate to the church and to an indi­vid­ual Christ fol­low­er? Also, I grew up in a church who used mis­sion­al” lan­guage. Is this a con­cept that is relat­ed to the Streams?

[18:25] I’ve been a pas­tor for 15 years, and most groups seem to be more cur­ricu­lum based/​Bible study rather than actu­al­ly focused on for­ma­tion. Do you have any thoughts about how exist­ing class­es or small groups can move toward becom­ing more focused on spir­i­tu­al for­ma­tion or any thoughts on how to change the cul­ture of a church to be more focused on spir­i­tu­al for­ma­tion? Is it bet­ter to start new groups than try­ing to change exist­ing groups? Can you share resources relat­ed to spir­i­tu­al for­ma­tion groups? Do you have infor­ma­tion about Ren­o­varé spir­i­tu­al for­ma­tion groups?

[31:14] A ques­tion I’ve been won­der­ing about revolves around the top­ic of friend­ship. Even before the social dis­tanc­ing of the last cou­ple of years there has been a trend in lone­li­ness. Often, as we grow old­er and espe­cial­ly as we get fur­ther from our school years, it becomes increas­ing­ly more dif­fi­cult to make and build friend­ships. Are there any prac­tices you would rec­om­mend for respond­ing to lone­li­ness and for mak­ing and build­ing friend­ships through­out all of life?


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