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Devotional Classics

Selected Readings for Individuals and Groups

by Richard J. Foster, James Bryan Smith

Edit­ed by James Bryan Smith, the fifty-two selec­tions in Devo­tion­al Clas­sics have been orga­nized to intro­duce read­ers through the course of one year to the great devo­tion­al writ­ers. In addi­tion to the author’s orig­i­nal text, each read­ing fea­tures an intro­duc­tion, a linked bib­li­cal pas­sage, dis­cus­sion ques­tions, indi­vid­ual and group exer­cis­es, and a med­i­ta­tion by Richard J. Fos­ter. Fea­tured authors include: Augus­tine of Hip­po, Bernard of Clair­vaux, Fran­cis of Assisi, Julian of Nor­wich, Cather­ine of Sien­na, Thomas à Kem­p­is, Cather­ine of Genoa, Mar­tin Luther, and many more. The read­ings are orga­nized accord­ing to the Six Tra­di­tions of Chris­t­ian life and faith empha­sized through Ren­o­varé: Con­tem­pla­tive, Holi­ness, Charis­mat­ic, Social Jus­tice, Evan­gel­i­cal, and Incarnational.


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