In my many years of teaching in a Christian college and in evangelical churches” Chris Hall observes, I would estimate that 97 percent of my students were predictably heretical when they tried to explain the Trinity.” 

Later this month the church will observe Trinity Sunday — an excellent Sunday, many clergy joke, for a guest preacher. Even many veteran ministers dread the task of trying to express the mystery of God’s Triune nature to their congregations. But if A. W. Tozer is right that the picture we hold of God in our minds is the most important thing about us, then nurturing our understanding of the Trinity is essential.

Chris Hall is an author, professor, and Renovaré’s president. James Bryan Smith is an author, professor, and long-standing Renovaré ministry team member. Both men have pondered deeply and written widely about the goodness, wonder, and beauty of the Trinity. In this webinar, hosted by Carolyn Arends and guided by participant questions, Chris and James will explore topics like:

  • Why are most of our analogies for the Trinity inadequate at best and heretical at worst?

  • How can the work of the Early Church on the doctrine of the Trinity help us?

  • Why are our God-narratives critically important, and how do they shape us?

  • Why is it dangerous to work on theology in the absence of worship or discipleship?

  • What is participation in the Trinity,” and how do we experience it?