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Hidden in Christ

Living as God's Beloved

by James Bryan Smith

Mem­o­riz­ing a pas­sage and study­ing it in depth can offer a deep­er sense of the mean­ing of each word. James Bryan Smith has found Colos­sians 3:1 – 17 to be a rich resource for under­stand­ing what it means to have our lives hid­den in Christ. 

Each chap­ter brings out the main truth of just one word or phrase in this rich pas­sage. You’ll also find a sim­ple dai­ly prac­tice to take up, reflec­tion ques­tions, and a guide for five weeks of group discussion.



What a wonderful, life-giving book! Each chapter is a bite-sized morsel of substantive spiritual food that will nourish your life in Christ.
Ruth Haley Barton, founder of the Transforming Center

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