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A Different Way

by Chris Hall

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When life smacks us in the face, when sim­ply mak­ing it through one day becomes unman­age­able, dis­cour­ag­ing, and dis­ap­point­ing, is it real­ly pos­si­ble to live a dif­fer­ent way? 

As a the­olo­gian, Chris Hall could have answered this ques­tion mere­ly in the abstract. Instead, his rich the­ol­o­gy is fleshed out in this book­let, excerpt­ed from an upcom­ing full-length book, through deeply per­son­al sto­ries of his own trans­for­ma­tive jour­ney with Jesus. 

2020 Renovaré


A Different Way is a wonderful guide leading us toward human transformation. Peppered with helpful stories and illuminating insights, Chris Hall gently guides us into the abundant zoé life that Jesus offers.
Richard J. Foster, Founder, Renovaré

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