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A Different Way

by Chris Hall

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When life smacks us in the face, when sim­ply mak­ing it through one day becomes unman­age­able, dis­cour­ag­ing, and dis­ap­point­ing, is it real­ly pos­si­ble to live a dif­fer­ent way? 

As a the­olo­gian, Chris Hall could have answered this ques­tion mere­ly in the abstract. Instead, his rich the­ol­o­gy is fleshed out in this book­let, excerpt­ed from an upcom­ing full-length book, through deeply per­son­al sto­ries of his own trans­for­ma­tive jour­ney with Jesus. 

2020 Renovaré


A Dif­fer­ent Way is a won­der­ful guide lead­ing us toward human trans­for­ma­tion. Pep­pered with help­ful sto­ries and illu­mi­nat­ing insights, Chris Hall gen­tly guides us into the abun­dant zoé life that Jesus offers.
Richard J. Foster, Founder, Renovaré

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