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Life without Lack

Living in the Fullness of Psalm 23

by Dallas Willard

Learn the secret of liv­ing with con­tent­ment, peace, and security.

Pause for a moment and ask your­self what your life would be like if it were com­plete­ly with­out fear? If you did not fear death. If you did not fear life and what it might bring. If you did not fear any man, or woman, or any liv­ing crea­ture. Would you live dif­fer­ent­ly?

In this unique work of nev­er-before-pub­lished teach­ing, Dal­las Willard rev­o­lu­tion­izes our under­stand­ing of Psalm 23 by tak­ing this com­fort­ably famil­iar pas­sage and reveal­ing its extra­or­di­nary promis­es: The Lord is my shep­herd, I shall not want.… I will fear no evil.” The psalmist claims to live with­out any need and with­out any fear. How is that possible?

Writ­ten with Willard’s char­ac­ter­is­tic gen­tle wis­dom, Life With­out Lack reveals the secret to enjoy­ing God’s pres­ence and becom­ing utter­ly caught up in his abun­dant gen­eros­i­ty. The more we prac­tice liv­ing in his pres­ence, the more we expe­ri­ence the peace and free­dom from wor­ry that is promised in the psalm. Based on a series of talks by the late author and edit­ed by his friend Lar­ry Burtoft and by his daugh­ter, Rebec­ca Willard Heat­ley, Life With­out Lack will for­ev­er change the way you under­stand and apply the most well-known pas­sage in all of Scripture.


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