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Sanctuary of the Soul

Journey into Meditative Prayer

by Richard J. Foster

At the very heart of God is the pas­sion­ate dis­po­si­tion to be in lov­ing fel­low­ship with you.… From the human side of this equa­tion it is med­i­ta­tive prayer that ush­ers us into this divine-human fellowship.”

Richard Fos­ter, best­selling author and founder of Ren­o­varé, writes these words as one who has expe­ri­enced what they describe. And in this new book he will beau­ti­ful­ly guide you in this trans­for­ma­tion­al way, that you might come to know deep­er fel­low­ship with God.

Weav­ing togeth­er quotes and sto­ries from the lives of moth­ers and fathers of the faith as well as pow­er­ful encoun­ters with God from his own life, Fos­ter describes the rich­es of qui­et­ing your mind and heart in order to lis­ten to and obey God more close­ly. Along the way, at per­haps his clear­est, most prac­ti­cal best, he also pro­vides the bib­li­cal teach­ing and step-by-step help you need to begin this prayer prac­tice for yourself.

The jour­ney into med­i­ta­tive prayer is not easy, but it is essen­tial. And, as Fos­ter shows, it’s pos­si­ble, even in the midst of the noisy, often chaot­ic world we live in. Your soul can become a sanc­tu­ary where you fel­low­ship with the very God of the uni­verse, who knows you and loves you deeply. These pages point the way.



This is a very useful guide that should be beneficial to those new to the practice as well as those who are familiar with this approach to prayer. . . . His passion for this practice, and for the teachers who have shared their experiential wisdom, makes this a highly enjoyable read.
Lisa Rand, Friends Journal

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