How do pastors prevent burnout and keep first things first? Renovaré Ministry Team member Mimi Dixon shares insights and lessons from her decades of experience as a senior pastor.

Show Notes

[1:11] There’s an article in Christianity today about pastors that you had mentioned to me. Could you share a little about that?

[6:35] What are some things that you think might be helpful for pastors in this season?

[17:40] And this happened after you let go of the franchise mentality?

[21:32] How does the phrase first things” play in all this for you?

[25:55] Is that way of doing ministry realistic in this day and age?

[27:58] I’m thinking of when you asked Dallas if he sinned. Could you share with folks the answer?

[36:16] Would you be up for giving a prayer for folks that are in ministry?


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