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Listening to the Groans

A Spirituality for Ministry and Mission

by Trevor Hudson, Stephen D. Bryant

For we know that the whole creation groans and labors… (Romans 8:22)

A short but powerful discourse, Listening to the Groans rejects a spirituality that’s inward, personal and individual for one that’s faithfully attentive, active and compassionate in society.

Sadly, many Christians talk more than listen. The danger is that those who have shut out their neighbor may also shut out God — losing in the process a chance to participate in God’s dream of mending a broken world.

For God so loved the world…so God must care about what happens in it.

Listening to the groans…is the ticket to evangelism, healing, pastoral care, community building, peacemaking and so much more,” the authors write. As we listen we find ourselves able to love God with all our hearts, souls, minds and strength and to love our neighbors as ourselves.”

Hudson and Bryant challenge Christ-followers to be vulnerable enough to listen to the groans of creation, to be still enough to hear the groans within ourselves, and to find hope and strength for the journey by relying on the Holy Spirit. They breathe new life into familiar scripture to propel laity, clergy, scholars and mystics to be transformed to a deeper faithfulness.

Are you ready to really listen and engage? A more equitable, compassionate and just society won’t happen if we remain the same and continue life as usual.
Illustrated with charcoal drawings by Jan L. Richardson.

Listening to the Groans also includes a retreat model for group study and action.


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