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Green Leaves for Later Years

The Spiritual Path of Wisdom

by Emilie Griffin

What wis­dom do I bring to the lat­er years? Noth­ing more than the wis­dom of dwelling in the present moment. No more than the courage of God’s promis­es. Noth­ing more than the courage to walk through sor­row. No more than the unlim­it­ed future of God’s love.”

So, Emi­lie Grif­fin, author, teacher, spir­i­tu­al direc­tor, writes in her sev­en­ty-fifth year. In these pages she reflects on the beau­ty and the dif­fi­cul­ty of aging. Pain min­gles with grat­i­tude. With her we learn again how to draw close to the Lord who longs to guide us through.

Ide­al for both indi­vid­u­als and dis­cus­sion groups, each chap­ter ends with reflec­tion ques­tions and a prayer. Dis­cov­er a spir­i­tu­al­i­ty that will sus­tain you in the lat­er years.



The vol­ume, like life itself, is a pas­tiche of expe­ri­ences, some good and some bad, but all sus­tained by faith and good humor. Each chap­ter is more an exhor­ta­to­ry homi­ly than an essay, each packed with real life exam­ples, each fol­lowed by ques­tions to stim­u­late reflec­tion and a prayer
Francis X. Hezel

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