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Green Leaves for Later Years

The Spiritual Path of Wisdom

by Emilie Griffin

What wisdom do I bring to the later years? Nothing more than the wisdom of dwelling in the present moment. No more than the courage of God’s promises. Nothing more than the courage to walk through sorrow. No more than the unlimited future of God’s love.”

So, Emilie Griffin, author, teacher, spiritual director, writes in her seventy-fifth year. In these pages she reflects on the beauty and the difficulty of aging. Pain mingles with gratitude. With her we learn again how to draw close to the Lord who longs to guide us through.

Ideal for both individuals and discussion groups, each chapter ends with reflection questions and a prayer. Discover a spirituality that will sustain you in the later years.



The volume, like life itself, is a pastiche of experiences, some good and some bad, but all sustained by faith and good humor. Each chapter is more an exhortatory homily than an essay, each packed with real life examples, each followed by questions to stimulate reflection and a prayer
Francis X. Hezel

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