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Doors Into Prayer

An Invitation

by Emilie Griffin

Whether you are a begin­ner at prayer or ful­ly engaged in the life of prayer, this lit­tle book will offer pro­found insight and encour­age­ment. Emi­lie Grif­fin dis­cuss­es the relent­less human hunger for prayer, the seem­ing elu­sive­ness of God, the pit­falls of dis­cour­age­ment and doubt, and the whis­pers of con­so­la­tion that come through prayer. She invites us ulti­mate­ly to put the book down, to mend the ragged edges of our own prayer lives, and to set out once again on the remark­able adven­ture that is prayer.



. . . insights are short but packed with practical wisdom. Here is a book that does not boast or preach.
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