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A Mile in My Shoes

Cultivating Compassion

by Trevor Hudson

In the dark peri­od of South Africa’s his­to­ry, between 1980 and 1991, Trevor Hud­son devel­oped an eight-day expe­ri­en­tial pro­gram called The Pil­grim­age of Pain and Hope. He designed it to enable com­fort­able, young, mid­dle-class South Africans to reflect upon the mean­ing of their faith and dis­ci­ple­ship with­in the harsh and oppres­sive socio-polit­i­cal real­i­ties of their nation. From this expe­ri­ence grew a pat­tern to help all Chris­tians cul­ti­vate the depth of com­pas­sion Christ requires. Learn and expe­ri­ence the three essen­tial ingre­di­ents of both an inward and out­ward pil­grim­age: (1) Encounter involves con­fronting the pain of our shat­tered and frag­ment­ed soci­eties; (2) Reflec­tion comes through dai­ly med­i­ta­tion on Scrip­ture in light of the pil­grim­age encoun­ters you have; (3) Trans­for­ma­tion into greater Christ­like­ness comes as a gift.


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