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A Mile in My Shoes

Cultivating Compassion

by Trevor Hudson

In the dark period of South Africa’s history, between 1980 and 1991, Trevor Hudson developed an eight-day experiential program called The Pilgrimage of Pain and Hope. He designed it to enable comfortable, young, middle-class South Africans to reflect upon the meaning of their faith and discipleship within the harsh and oppressive socio-political realities of their nation. From this experience grew a pattern to help all Christians cultivate the depth of compassion Christ requires. Learn and experience the three essential ingredients of both an inward and outward pilgrimage: (1) Encounter involves confronting the pain of our shattered and fragmented societies; (2) Reflection comes through daily meditation on Scripture in light of the pilgrimage encounters you have; (3) Transformation into greater Christlikeness comes as a gift.


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