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Born and reared in 17th century Puritan England, George Fox became the founder and most prominent leader of the Society of Friends (the Quakers). Fox’s famous Journal reveals him to be a bold, passionate man, but he was also a loving shepherd, as revealed in the thousands of pastoral letters he wrote. This excerpt gives us a glimpse into Fox’s heart as it issues a tender but firm call to remember the source of all life.

—Richella Parham

Excerpt from Devotional Classics

He is the living God, that clothes the earth with grass and herbs, causes the trees to grow and bring forth food for you, and makes the fishes of the sea to breathe and live. He makes the fowls of the air to breed and causes the buck and the doe, the creatures, and all the beasts to bring forth whereby they may be food for you. He is the living God, that causes the sun to give warmth to you, to nourish you when you are cold. He is the living God, that causes the snow and frost to melt and causes the rain to water the plants. He is the living God, that made heaven and earth, the clouds, causes the springs to break out of the rocks, and divided the great sea from the earth. He divides the light from the darkness, by which it is called day and the darkness night, and divided the great waters from the earth, gathered them together, which great waters he called sea and the dry land earth. He is to be worshiped that does this. He is the living God that gives you breath, life, and strength and gives you beasts and cattle whereby you may be fed and clothed. He is the living God, and he is to be worshiped. This is the King of kings and Lord of lords, in whose hand is the breath of all mankind. |Letter 292|

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