Friend, your sins are forgiven.“
Luke 5:20

Our most grievous sins occur when we fail to love. We let people down; we hurt others; we offend; we are unresponsive to the needs of others. In all these failures — and in countless others — we behave in unloving ways that break God’s heart. When we have sinned, we can ask God for forgiveness.

The good news is that God is more eager to forgive us than we will ever know. God is always there to embrace us, to receive us home again, and to let us start afresh. We see this clearly in the ways Jesus constantly offers forgiveness to those around him who have failed.

One reason we struggle to forgive others is that we do not really believe that we are forgiven people. If we could fully accept the truth that we are forgiven and we don’t have to live in shame and guilt, we would know the freedom to forgive. As a forgiven people, we possess the power of forgiveness.

Daily Practice

Take time today to kneel in God’s presence. Share your failures as honestly as you can with God. Hear these words of Jesus: Friend, your sins are forgiven.” Receive this forgiveness and step into the new life God offers. If you need to make amends with someone, commit yourself to doing so as soon as possible.

Hudson, Trevor. Pauses for Lent: 40 Words for 40 Days. Upper Room Books. Kindle Edition. Used with permission.

Photo by Ryan Klaus on Unsplash

· Last Featured on March 2024