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Drew Jackson’s God Speaks Through Wombs is a collection of poems in conversation with the first eight chapters of Luke. In his introduction to the book, Drew writes:

“A poem invites us to slow down—in fact, it demands it—and it serves as a ‘gesture toward home,’ as the poet Jericho Brown says, welcoming us to return to our true dwelling place.”

The two poems we share with you here come from Drew’s chapter on Luke 5. (You may want to read all of Luke 5 first, and then hone in on the specific verses that accompany each title.)

Notice how the poems draw you into the scenery viscerally. What elements come into focus for you?

I have found that reading Drew’s poetry sharpens my longing for good news and my attraction to the Holy One. Drew, like Luke, honors those who have been oppressed or cast aside. His poems tenderize my heart towards the world’s great need for a Savior and Redeemer who will form a human family that is learning to love and serve one another rather than malign, oppress, and annihilate.

I hope you will be moved by Drew’s “word chemistry,” to borrow a phrase from this week’s podcast guest, Marilyn McEntyre. Let these poems draw you to your dwelling place in God’s company.

Grace Pouch
Content Manager

Excerpt from God Speaks Through Wombs


Luke 5:1 – 3

it's calm at this time of day
    usually. rays gently reflecting off
the shallow crests. 

wind winding through
    the curls of my woolly hair.
piscine air 

wrapping itself
    around me like we have
known each other 

since beginnings.
    off this lake that
others call sea,

sound carries,
    blessing, interrupting
this momentary silence 

with voices of
    beautiful beings approaching.
wanting more words.


Luke 5:16

My God, I withdraw
    so that I might be drawn closer,
        that nothing may hinder this flux of love.

This arid place
    deprives me of the praise
        that attempts to water my soul.

No applause
    from the hands of mortals,
        no lauding from their lips

can satisfy
    like the silence
        of this moment. With You,

O sacred silence!
    O saintly stillness!
        O solemn solitude!

Taking space
    to feel the air
        passing through pulmonary pathways.

Remaining connected
    to this holy ground
        beneath my feet.

Keep me grounded
    that I may not be found
        with hubris, forgetting

that I am
    ever of
        this humus.

Taken from God Speaks Through Wombs by Drew Jackson. Copyright © 2021 by Drew Edward Jackson. Published by InterVarsity Press, Downers Grove, IL.

Photo by Avinash Kumar on Unsplash

Text First Published September 2021 · Last Featured on February 2022