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Global Expressions

Renovaré Around the World

Richard J. Foster originally founded Renovaré in 1988 in Wichita, Kansas. Global expressions were then established beginning with Renovaré Britain and Ireland (2003), Renovaré Korea (2005), Renovaré South Africa (2012), and Renovaré Canada (2014).

While each Global Expression and the individuals called to the Renovaré ministry represent diverse cultures and denominational affiliations, unity of purpose and ministry form the basis for loving community. It brings the Renovaré team great joy to watch God raise up people around the world who are uniquely equipped to live out our mission within varied international contexts. We partner together as a community of Christians who model, resource and advocate fullness of life with God, experienced, by grace, through the spiritual practices of Jesus and of the historical Church.

Partner Renovare Uk

Renovaré Britain and Ireland

Renovaré Britain and Ireland was established in 2001. In Britain and Ireland, the first Chair was James Catford, Group Chief Executive of Bible Society. In 2011, Joe Davis was appointed as Renovaré UK’s first Advocate and Speaker. Among the new initiatives developed in the UK is the Life Streams booklet, the UK edition of the original Spiritual Formation Workbook.

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Renovaré Korea

Led by Brian Kang: Director of Renovaré Korea, Brian serves both English and Korean speaking Christians from diverse backgrounds, being a bridge connecting Christians to Renovaré in Korea and the United States. Brian, his wife Yoon, and three children live in Korea.

Rhythm Of Life

Rhythm of Life: Renovaré South Africa

Rhythm of Life partners with individuals, churches and organisations to develop growth, discipleship, balance and fullness of life. We have a passion for following Jesus and integrating the missional and spiritual formation worlds.

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Renovaré Canada

Following are the ministries which are part of the initial vision for Renovaré Canada. Watch for more details under our ministries & events page as these initiatives develop.

PARTNERING WITH EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS – Renovaré Canada will partner with educational institutions to offer both individual courses on spiritual formation and a one year Certificate in Spiritual Formation. These courses will highlight the importance of spiritual formation for ministry, the scriptural and historical basis for spiritual formation, and the practical side of spiritual disciplines. These courses will be offered in either a modular or online format, or a combination of both.

PARTNERING WITH MINISTERS – Renovaré Canada will offer conferences and retreats with a spiritual formation/​soul care emphasis to those in church and para-church ministry. This will provide a time of learning, encouragement and refreshment to those in vocational ministry.

PARTNERING WITH THE CHURCH – At the local church level, Renovaré Canada will offer conferences to challenge and equip the members to grow in Christ-likeness as a community.

DEVELOPING MINISTRIES BASED ON SPIRITUAL FORMATION – Another avenue through which Renovaré Canada will partner with churches and para-church organizations is to offer training through which they can structure their ministries around a spiritual formation basis.

SYMPOSIUM ON CANADIAN CHRISTIAN SPIRITUALITY – Under the umbrella of Renovaré Canada, a symposium on Canadian Christian Spirituality will be formed, bringing together both practitioners and scholars to discuss this topic in the Canadian context. This will result not only in profitable networking and sharing of ideas, but also the possible development of a Canadian periodical on Christian Spirituality.

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