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Renovaré Around the World

Richard J. Fos­ter orig­i­nal­ly found­ed Ren­o­varé in 1988 in Wichi­ta, Kansas. Glob­al expres­sions were then estab­lished begin­ning with Ren­o­varé Britain and Ire­land (2003), Ren­o­varé Korea (2005), Ren­o­varé South Africa (2012), and Ren­o­varé Cana­da (2014).

While each Glob­al Expres­sion and the indi­vid­u­als called to the Ren­o­varé min­istry rep­re­sent diverse cul­tures and denom­i­na­tion­al affil­i­a­tions, uni­ty of pur­pose and min­istry form the basis for lov­ing com­mu­ni­ty. It brings the Ren­o­varé team great joy to watch God raise up peo­ple around the world who are unique­ly equipped to live out our mis­sion with­in var­ied inter­na­tion­al con­texts. We part­ner togeth­er as a com­mu­ni­ty of Chris­tians who mod­el, resource and advo­cate full­ness of life with God, expe­ri­enced, by grace, through the spir­i­tu­al prac­tices of Jesus and of the his­tor­i­cal Church.

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Renovaré Britain and Ireland

Ren­o­varé Britain and Ire­land was estab­lished in 2001. In Britain and Ire­land, the first Chair was James Cat­ford, Group Chief Exec­u­tive of Bible Soci­ety. In 2011, Joe Davis was appoint­ed as Ren­o­varé UK’s first Advo­cate and Speak­er. Among the new ini­tia­tives devel­oped in the UK is the Life Streams book­let, the UK edi­tion of the orig­i­nal Spir­i­tu­al For­ma­tion Work­book.

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Renovaré Korea

Led by Bri­an Kang: Direc­tor of Ren­o­varé Korea, Bri­an serves both Eng­lish and Kore­an speak­ing Chris­tians from diverse back­grounds, being a bridge con­nect­ing Chris­tians to Ren­o­varé in Korea and the Unit­ed States. Bri­an, his wife Yoon, and three chil­dren live in Korea.

Rhythm Of Life

Rhythm of Life: Renovaré South Africa

Rhythm of Life part­ners with indi­vid­u­als, church­es and organ­i­sa­tions to devel­op growth, dis­ci­ple­ship, bal­ance and full­ness of life. We have a pas­sion for fol­low­ing Jesus and inte­grat­ing the mis­sion­al and spir­i­tu­al for­ma­tion worlds.

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Renovaré Canada

Fol­low­ing are the min­istries which are part of the ini­tial vision for Ren­o­varé Cana­da. Watch for more details under our min­istries & events page as these ini­tia­tives develop.

PART­NER­ING WITH EDU­CA­TION­AL INSTI­TU­TIONS – Ren­o­varé Cana­da will part­ner with edu­ca­tion­al insti­tu­tions to offer both indi­vid­ual cours­es on spir­i­tu­al for­ma­tion and a one year Cer­tifi­cate in Spir­i­tu­al For­ma­tion. These cours­es will high­light the impor­tance of spir­i­tu­al for­ma­tion for min­istry, the scrip­tur­al and his­tor­i­cal basis for spir­i­tu­al for­ma­tion, and the prac­ti­cal side of spir­i­tu­al dis­ci­plines. These cours­es will be offered in either a mod­u­lar or online for­mat, or a com­bi­na­tion of both.

PART­NER­ING WITH MIN­IS­TERS – Ren­o­varé Cana­da will offer con­fer­ences and retreats with a spir­i­tu­al formation/​soul care empha­sis to those in church and para-church min­istry. This will pro­vide a time of learn­ing, encour­age­ment and refresh­ment to those in voca­tion­al ministry.

PART­NER­ING WITH THE CHURCH – At the local church lev­el, Ren­o­varé Cana­da will offer con­fer­ences to chal­lenge and equip the mem­bers to grow in Christ-like­ness as a community.

DEVEL­OP­ING MIN­ISTRIES BASED ON SPIR­I­TU­AL FOR­MA­TION – Anoth­er avenue through which Ren­o­varé Cana­da will part­ner with church­es and para-church orga­ni­za­tions is to offer train­ing through which they can struc­ture their min­istries around a spir­i­tu­al for­ma­tion basis.

SYM­PO­SIUM ON CANA­DI­AN CHRIS­T­IAN SPIR­I­TU­AL­I­TY – Under the umbrel­la of Ren­o­varé Cana­da, a sym­po­sium on Cana­di­an Chris­t­ian Spir­i­tu­al­i­ty will be formed, bring­ing togeth­er both prac­ti­tion­ers and schol­ars to dis­cuss this top­ic in the Cana­di­an con­text. This will result not only in prof­itable net­work­ing and shar­ing of ideas, but also the pos­si­ble devel­op­ment of a Cana­di­an peri­od­i­cal on Chris­t­ian Spirituality.

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