To write Eugene Peter­son­’s biog­ra­phy, Winn Col­lier spent con­sid­er­able time at the Peter­son­’s home, read Eugene’s let­ters, and con­duct­ed count­less inter­views. He dis­cov­ered a man with a pas­tor’s heart who, while far from per­fect, had integri­ty and a deep love for God.

Show Notes

[1:40] Are you tired of talk­ing about Eugene now? And if so, why?

[2:26] What do you think Eugene would think about the biog­ra­phy com­ing out and all the inter­views and such?

[3:32] I’m curi­ous to hear, how did you come to write the book, be the biographer?

[8:31] What sur­prised you in that journey? 

[9:39] Eugene was like the anti celebri­ty, but yet in a sense he was the per­fect celebri­ty, because their hos­pi­tal­i­ty… I’ve heard so many sto­ries of peo­ple who they just invit­ed in.

[11:43] I found it delight­ful that at the begin­ning of the book there’s the map of Mon­tana, and it kind of has that, you know, Tolkein feel to it. How impor­tant was place, for Eugene?

[14:51] How much do you think some of his think­ing was influ­enced by [his mom]?

[18:37] What do you hope peo­ple remem­ber about Eugene? 

[20:52] Do you have a favorite sto­ry from the book? 

[24:30] Eugene did paus­es when he talked. What was that like for you when you were inter­view­ing him? 

[32:40] It sounds like a num­ber of these val­ues Eugene and Jan embod­ied you’re try­ing to lean into … Could you tell folks a lit­tle about what you’re up to there in Hol­land, Michigan?


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