To write Eugene Peterson’s biography, Winn Collier spent considerable time at the Peterson’s home, read Eugene’s letters, and conducted countless interviews. He discovered a man with a pastor’s heart who, while far from perfect, had integrity and a deep love for God.

Show Notes

[1:40] Are you tired of talking about Eugene now? And if so, why?

[2:26] What do you think Eugene would think about the biography coming out and all the interviews and such?

[3:32] I’m curious to hear, how did you come to write the book, be the biographer?

[8:31] What surprised you in that journey? 

[9:39] Eugene was like the anti celebrity, but yet in a sense he was the perfect celebrity, because their hospitality… I’ve heard so many stories of people who they just invited in.

[11:43] I found it delightful that at the beginning of the book there’s the map of Montana, and it kind of has that, you know, Tolkein feel to it. How important was place, for Eugene?

[14:51] How much do you think some of his thinking was influenced by [his mom]?

[18:37] What do you hope people remember about Eugene? 

[20:52] Do you have a favorite story from the book? 

[24:30] Eugene did pauses when he talked. What was that like for you when you were interviewing him? 

[32:40] It sounds like a number of these values Eugene and Jan embodied you’re trying to lean into … Could you tell folks a little about what you’re up to there in Holland, Michigan?


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