Nathan Fos­ter talks with Winn Col­lier about the pen­e­trat­ing and prac­ti­cal spir­i­tu­al wis­dom of 17th-cen­tu­ry arch­bish­op and writer François Fénelon.

Show Notes

    [3:42] Could you share a lit­tle about Fénelon?

    [10:35] There’s almost a lev­el of pain that one needs to feel in order to find the com­fort… I won­der if it’s a sea­son of life, if you’re in a space where you’re real­ly need­ing a kind of brokenness.

    [11:57] I would go beyond iden­ti­fy­ing [pain]… It’s giv­ing a map.

    [13:26] Do you know his influ­ences, what shaped him in his life?

    [15:18] What were you hop­ing to do with the book?

    [16:45] What did you learn from the project?

    [19:56] Do you get any indi­ca­tion that he was a per­son of joy?

    [21:28] You can dip in any­where in his let­ters … I will usu­al­ly read one at a time and just sit with it, read­ing it mul­ti­ple times before mov­ing to anoth­er one. Am I doing it right?

    [23:07] Thought­ful, hon­est pas­tor — this reminds me of anoth­er friend of ours beyond the grave. How would you con­nect him with Eugene Peter­son? Would you?

    [24:17] How are things with the Eugene Peter­son Center?


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