Tina Dyer (Renovaré Board Treasurer) and Grace Pouch (Renovaré’s Content Manager) talk with Nathan Foster about the brilliance of Sojourner Truth and how her story has impacted their lives. Tina and Grace will lead the Renovaré book club through The Narrative of Sojourner Truth beginning on March 27

[1:51] I am curious to know how you two discovered Sojourner Truth. 

[4:26] How has her story impacted you two? 

[10:08] What makes her credible? 

[13:02] I think I know you two well enough to know that you’re both open to having potentially difficult conversations about your experiences and about race. So what was that like for the two of you to explore Sojourner’s life together? 

[19:06] How would you like people to approach Sojourner’s story?

[22:11] Could you share one [question from Sojourner that you’re sitting with]?

[23:10] What is your hope for people to take away from Sojourner’s work?


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