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Beautiful Vessels

Selected Readings from Bakht Singh and Sojourner Truth

by Bakht Singh, Sojourner Truth, Richard J. Foster, Tina Dyer, Grace Pouch

We are exploring expanding this small booklet into a full-length book of excerpts from underrepresented authors. Is this something you’d be interested in? Have an author we should consider? Let us know.

A free Renovaré resource for spiritual renewal, introduced by Tina Dyer and edited by Grace Pouch. 

From the foreword by Richard J. Foster:

Beautiful Vessels highlights two unique writers whose voices most of us have never heard: Bakht Singh and Sojourner Truth. This is a small sample of what we hope will someday become another volume of the Renovaré Devotional Classics. Our hope is to bring to the Christian community authors of diverse cultures and ethnicities that previously have been under-represented. These will be persons possessing a high Christology and sharing with us insight and wisdom into a loving, passionate, daily walk with God. 

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