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Beautiful Vessels

Selected Readings from Bakht Singh and Sojourner Truth

by Bakht Singh, Sojourner Truth, Richard J. Foster, Tina Dyer, Grace Pouch

We are explor­ing expand­ing this small book­let into a full-length book of excerpts from under­rep­re­sent­ed authors. Is this some­thing you’d be inter­est­ed in? Have an author we should con­sid­er? Let us know.

A free Ren­o­varé resource for spir­i­tu­al renew­al, intro­duced by Tina Dyer and edit­ed by Grace Pouch. 

From the fore­word by Richard J. Foster:

Beau­ti­ful Ves­sels high­lights two unique writ­ers whose voic­es most of us have nev­er heard: Bakht Singh and Sojourn­er Truth. This is a small sam­ple of what we hope will some­day become anoth­er vol­ume of the Ren­o­varé Devo­tion­al Clas­sics. Our hope is to bring to the Chris­t­ian com­mu­ni­ty authors of diverse cul­tures and eth­nic­i­ties that pre­vi­ous­ly have been under-rep­re­sent­ed. These will be per­sons pos­sess­ing a high Chris­tol­ogy and shar­ing with us insight and wis­dom into a lov­ing, pas­sion­ate, dai­ly walk with God.

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