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Listener questions guide our hosts into a fruitful discussion about moving from theory to practice in the discipline of Sabbath, exploring historic Christian writers both inside and outside of your own tradition, and learning to pray for others.

Three listener questions—

  1. I’ve become a John Mark Comer fan, thanks to your recommendation of his book, The Ruthless Elimination Hurry, on one of your earliest podcasts over the past year or two. That book and some other resources of his have piqued my interest in practicing Sabbath. Could each of you share what your Sabbath looks like — the practical aspects of it. When? How long? What do you do? I want to take this from an idea to a habit and would love to hear how y’all do this. I love the podcast. It always inspires me to draw closer to Jesus. Thanks.

  2. I’ve been a Protestant Christian many years. I’m definitely not averse to spiritual wisdom from believers in other traditions. I’ve had a spiritual director for about six years, and she always points me to resources by Roman Catholics. It kind of bothers me that it seems that there is relatively little by Protestants on deep spiritual formation. Is it just my lack of knowledge or are Protestants much less likely to explore these sorts of issues? I feel almost guilty to be reading all these things outside of my tradition. Do Protestants not care about the issues that Roman Catholic writers address?

  3. Hi friends. How do you pray for one? I hear people talk about the power of prayer, and I’m interested in going deeper in prayer, but I’ve wondered how specific I should be in my prayer request, and how do I know whether I should trust someone with my prayer request?


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