Author Robyn Wrigley-Carr joins Nathan on this week’s episode to discuss Evelyn Underhill’s Prayer Book.

Show Notes

[3:50] Who was Evelyn Underhill?

[10:00] Tell me a little bit about her prayer book prior to your visit at the retreat house.

[20:55] She does something bold, taking a prayer from some great Saint and adding her own lines, making her own contribution to it. I found that really special to get to have both people’s prayers together.

[24:44] Could you speculate what Evelyn might want people to do with this book?

[29:45] One of the things I found exciting is, a number of the people’s prayers that she quotes I knew the names; but there were a bunch of them I don’t. And you give a little description person at the end, and I thought, New friends to explore!” 

[30:55 ] Do you keep a prayer book?

[31:35 ] I’ve been collecting prayers for years, my own and others. And I love the idea of curating your own collection, that they all mean something to you.


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