Robyn Wrigley-Carr returns to the Renovaré Podcast to talk with Nate about Evelyn Underhill — the 20th century author, spiritual director and retreat leader — and about Baron Friedrich Von Hügel, whose spiritual direction transformed Evelyn’s life with God.

Show Notes

[2:15] Here’s a quote from Eugene Peterson: The most extensive and inviting introduction … a brilliantly written book.” How did it feel to have read that about your book?

[3:49] Could you tell me what is a baron and who is said Baron that was so impactful on Evelyn’s life, and on Eugene’s too?

[6:56] What were [Von Hügel’s] health issues?

[8:59] Why did [Von Hügel] only want to see [Evelyn Underhill] twice a year?

[ ] What would you say were some of the key components in [Evelyn Underhill’s] own formation?

[ ] Who were some of these folks that were influencing [Evelyn]?

[ ] I find it helpful to hear [Baron Von Hügel] doing spiritual direction in a very different way than we think of it… What would you say were some of Evelyn Underhill’s contributions to the discipline of spiritual direction?

[ ] What about [Evelyn’s] life inspires you


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