Nathan Fos­ter talks with Rich Vil­lo­das, lead pas­tor of New Life Fel­low­ship in Queens, New York, about his book The Deeply Formed Life, which is the first selec­tion of the 2021 – 22 Ren­o­varé Book Club.

Show Notes

[2:08] Your church has a logo of an ice­berg. What’s that about?

[4:28] Tell us about your book, The Deeply Formed Life.

[8:02] Could you talk about each sec­tion of the book?

  • [8:08] Con­tem­pla­tive Practices
  • [13:20] Racial Jus­tice and Reconciliation
  • [22:30] Sex­u­al Wholeness
  • [25:28] Mis­sion­al Presence 

[28:12] How was writ­ing this book help­ful for you?


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