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In this month’s episode of Friends in For­ma­tion, James, Nate, and Richel­la answer lis­ten­er ques­tions about the pass­ing of Queen Eliz­a­beth II, unfair­ness and injus­tice in the church, and prayer labyrinths.

Show Notes

[1:20] I want us to reflect togeth­er on the death of Her Majesty Queen Eliz­a­beth, because this is a big world event. We have a lot of folks who have indi­cat­ed that they’re inter­est­ed in what all this means, how things fit togeth­er in the faith of a very pub­lic person.

[15:13] How do we respond to unfair­ness and injus­tice in the Chris­t­ian context?

[31:16] A church near me has just built a new prayer labyrinth in their side gar­den, and I have the desire to vis­it it. I have prayed and med­i­tat­ed using a labyrinth in the past, but I have always strug­gled keep­ing my mind on the Lord. What are some sug­ges­tions for how I can focus in, slow down, and use the labyrinth to con­nect deeply with God?


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