How do we thoughtfully monitor and moderate our consumption of media? How can we fill our minds with what is good and beautiful rather than simply go to media to escape? This episode with Paul Patton — author, playwright, and professor emeritus at Spring Arbor — dives into these questions.

Show Notes

[2:38] I really liked the subtitle you guys came up with for the book. The book is Everyday Sabbath: How to Lead Your Dance with Media and Technology in Mindful and Sacred Ways. It’s a wonderful way to say everything that’s in the book. Tell us a little about the book.

[6:32] Could you unpack a little when you say dance with pop culture?”

[8:27] Part of what I’m hearing in this dance is to be intentional, to not be a victim. How have you learned to take the lead in the dance?

[9:45] So if I conclude that I’m scrolling through stuff for reward or relief, does that mean I stop? 

[11:00] One of the things I appreciate about the book is that this is road tested. The other piece I found helpful is the practices. Could you talk a little bit about how spiritual practices tie into our dance with pop culture?

[18:53] Do we know how to steward our boredom?

[20:10] Historically, when has the term binge ever been positive?

[22:08] A while back we did a podcast on your habit of memorizing, of stewarding the stirrings of your soul. Are you still doing this?


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