Some of the biggest barriers to our transformation come from our toxic self-narratives. In this episode, James Bryan Smith shares how these narratives shape the way we interact in the world, and what we can do to see ourselves as God does.

Show Notes

[1:24] You have a new book out. Why did you write this book?

[4:18] Can you share a little about your journey?

[7:51] What made a difference for you? How have you worked your narratives and what is that process like? 

[9:41] Many Christians know…the reality of some of the things you’re saying. How do you move that from your head to your heart?

[11:52] When I see others as beloved image bearers, it makes it quite difficult to control or dehumanize them. There’s a freedom, isn’t there?

[13:52] In the book, after each chapter you have different practices — exercises — for people. Can you talk a little about those? 

[16:22] How do you invite God into that [practice of holy leisure, of being rather than doing]?

[17:18] Are there other practices that have been helpful for you in your journey?

[19:08] How does that [practice of Sabbath] help with your narratives?

[20:17] What do you hope for people reading the book?

[21:10] I know there are a lot of folks who struggle with moving into their belovedness, because it can feel like self-help…What do you say to those folks?

[24:47] I’m curious, are there more Good and Beautiful… things you have in store for us?


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