Authors and founders of Unhur­ried Liv­ing, Gem and Alan Fadling, share insights into how we expe­ri­ence soul change, share key ques­tions that open the door to spir­i­tu­al trans­for­ma­tion, and explore the dif­fer­ence between self-help and spir­i­tu­al formation.

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Show Notes

[1:15] How did this book come to be?

[3:22] Am I get­ting it cor­rect­ly that these are ques­tions that real­ly help us clear the way to get to what does your soul love” and to live into that?

[4:50] It’s quite a feat when a cou­ple writes a book together…

[5:53] This is beyond kind of bap­tiz­ing self-help, right?

[8:29] I some­times find that I have this lurk­ing push that if it feels good, or if it’s some­thing I enjoy, then it can’t be spir­i­tu­al… that it must involve some sort of pain or suf­fer­ing if God’s involved. That’s not what you’re going for here?

[10:30] Gem, what does your soul love?

[11:34] A few years back there was this kind of resur­gence of inter­est in Mr. Rogers… why are we attract­ed to this guy? And I think it’s that — good­ness, truth, and beau­ty. He embod­ied that and it’s allur­ing, it’s drawing.

[12:48] Alan, how about you? What does your soul love?

[14:07] Gem, how do these play out prac­ti­cal­ly for you — in terms of liv­ing into good­ness, truth, and beau­ty, and expe­ri­enc­ing things with God, like Alan?

[15:12] It is no coin­ci­dence to me that you two wrote this book, in terms of your Unhur­ried Liv­ing min­istry… This is birthed out of an unhur­ried life.

[16:23] The book’s been out for a lit­tle while. I’m curi­ous what kind of sto­ries you’ve heard from peo­ple who’ve walked through this — who took the ques­tion seri­ous­ly and moved into some­thing new that their soul loves.

[18:50] One of the things I’m pick­ing up from these ques­tions — they force me to look at myself, the pain points, the things I’m hid­ing from, the dis­trac­tions. I find per­son­al­ly, when I’m liv­ing unhur­ried, there come the voic­es… And these ques­tions force you to live in real­i­ty of what actu­al­ly is get­ting in the way of liv­ing the life that God has for you. What do you say to peo­ple? You’re ask­ing peo­ple to go some­where painful or dif­fi­cult, in a sense. Give some counsel.

[22:36] Any cool sto­ries you heard from peo­ple… the end result of the book led them to _____?

[25:43] I can see this book being a cat­a­lyst for sig­nif­i­cant change for peo­ple — switch­ing jobs, leav­ing unhealthy rela­tion­ships, dis­cov­er­ing new hob­bies or gifts. Tell us a lit­tle about your work with Unhur­ried Living.

[28:48] I have a loose the­o­ry that we end up teach­ing what we need to learn. Do you guys fall into being hurried?

[30:31] At some point some months ago, you guys took a sab­bat­i­cal. Is that accurate?

[31:36] My mem­o­ry is I got an email response [from you] that was like, We are gone for a month.” You guys real­ly did it…?

[32:31]​I think my dad, in Cel­e­bra­tion of Dis­ci­pline says our great­est fear of soli­tude is that the world will go on with­out us. It’s sig­nif­i­cant to think about time off from work or in rest…it doesn’t mean [that] you’re still doing every­thing, just book-end­ing it.


Gem and Alan Fadling, What Does Your Soul Love?

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