Authors and founders of Unhurried Living, Gem and Alan Fadling, share insights into how we experience soul change, share key questions that open the door to spiritual transformation, and explore the difference between self-help and spiritual formation.

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Show Notes

[1:15] How did this book come to be?

[3:22] Am I getting it correctly that these are questions that really help us clear the way to get to what does your soul love” and to live into that?

[4:50] It’s quite a feat when a couple writes a book together…

[5:53] This is beyond kind of baptizing self-help, right?

[8:29] I sometimes find that I have this lurking push that if it feels good, or if it’s something I enjoy, then it can’t be spiritual… that it must involve some sort of pain or suffering if God’s involved. That’s not what you’re going for here?

[10:30] Gem, what does your soul love?

[11:34] A few years back there was this kind of resurgence of interest in Mr. Rogers… why are we attracted to this guy? And I think it’s that — goodness, truth, and beauty. He embodied that and it’s alluring, it’s drawing.

[12:48] Alan, how about you? What does your soul love?

[14:07] Gem, how do these play out practically for you — in terms of living into goodness, truth, and beauty, and experiencing things with God, like Alan?

[15:12] It is no coincidence to me that you two wrote this book, in terms of your Unhurried Living ministry… This is birthed out of an unhurried life.

[16:23] The book’s been out for a little while. I’m curious what kind of stories you’ve heard from people who’ve walked through this — who took the question seriously and moved into something new that their soul loves.

[18:50] One of the things I’m picking up from these questions — they force me to look at myself, the pain points, the things I’m hiding from, the distractions. I find personally, when I’m living unhurried, there come the voices… And these questions force you to live in reality of what actually is getting in the way of living the life that God has for you. What do you say to people? You’re asking people to go somewhere painful or difficult, in a sense. Give some counsel.

[22:36] Any cool stories you heard from people… the end result of the book led them to _____?

[25:43] I can see this book being a catalyst for significant change for people — switching jobs, leaving unhealthy relationships, discovering new hobbies or gifts. Tell us a little about your work with Unhurried Living.

[28:48] I have a loose theory that we end up teaching what we need to learn. Do you guys fall into being hurried?

[30:31] At some point some months ago, you guys took a sabbatical. Is that accurate?

[31:36] My memory is I got an email response [from you] that was like, We are gone for a month.” You guys really did it…?

[32:31]​I think my dad, in Celebration of Discipline says our greatest fear of solitude is that the world will go on without us. It’s significant to think about time off from work or in rest…it doesn’t mean [that] you’re still doing everything, just book-ending it.


Gem and Alan Fadling, What Does Your Soul Love?

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