In this episode, Nathan interviews Alan Fadling of Unhurried Living, Kristi Gaultiere of Soul Shepherding, and Steve Macchia of Leadership Transformations to discuss spiritual formation and soul care for leaders.

Show Notes

[5:45] Why leaders? What was it in you that you felt to compelled to move in that direction?

[9:55] What are some of the challenges that leaders in the Christian community face today?

[13:20] I’d take it a little further and say that in our current society it’s a virtue not to rest, to keep pushing through. How does a leader break out of that system that is pulling them do to more and more, and of being more closed, of not sharing or not feeling safe or that there is space to share?

[18:10] All three of you provide safe spaces for people. What would you say to someone who’s not connected to a program or ministry that’s caring for their soul, who really wants to be open, vulnerable, honest? How do you do that when you’re surrounded in a community that needs you to have everything together?

[25:17] When we rest or slow down, sometimes emotions come up, and that’s quite normal. This is a unique season in history that is an opportunity for a reset, a chance to make some shifts. How can lay folk best help their leaders?

[31:45] What is the Biblical view of sabbatical?

[33:00] These 3 pieces of covenant and support and sabbatical – What if elder boards demanded a sort of health; not just encouraging sabbatical (and boundaries and rest and health) but demanding it, setting it as a way we’re going to be as a ministry. I think sometimes people just need a little permission to move into some of this.

[37:25] Do you have any thoughts for leaders or families on how to do this well?

[42:50] Can you paint a picture of a leader who’s doing things well, who’s functioning with health and being effective for the Kingdom. What does their life look like?

[47:26] How do you guys, as leaders, care for your soul?

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