In this episode, Nathan inter­views Alan Fadling of Unhur­ried Liv­ing, Kristi Gaultiere of Soul Shep­herd­ing, and Steve Mac­chia of Lead­er­ship Trans­for­ma­tions to dis­cuss spir­i­tu­al for­ma­tion and soul care for leaders.

Show Notes

[5:45] Why lead­ers? What was it in you that you felt to com­pelled to move in that direction?

[9:55] What are some of the chal­lenges that lead­ers in the Chris­t­ian com­mu­ni­ty face today?

[13:20] I’d take it a lit­tle fur­ther and say that in our cur­rent soci­ety it’s a virtue not to rest, to keep push­ing through. How does a leader break out of that sys­tem that is pulling them do to more and more, and of being more closed, of not shar­ing or not feel­ing safe or that there is space to share?

[18:10] All three of you pro­vide safe spaces for peo­ple. What would you say to some­one who’s not con­nect­ed to a pro­gram or min­istry that’s car­ing for their soul, who real­ly wants to be open, vul­ner­a­ble, hon­est? How do you do that when you’re sur­round­ed in a com­mu­ni­ty that needs you to have every­thing together?

[25:17] When we rest or slow down, some­times emo­tions come up, and that’s quite nor­mal. This is a unique sea­son in his­to­ry that is an oppor­tu­ni­ty for a reset, a chance to make some shifts. How can lay folk best help their leaders?

[31:45] What is the Bib­li­cal view of sabbatical?

[33:00] These 3 pieces of covenant and sup­port and sab­bat­i­cal – What if elder boards demand­ed a sort of health; not just encour­ag­ing sab­bat­i­cal (and bound­aries and rest and health) but demand­ing it, set­ting it as a way we’re going to be as a min­istry. I think some­times peo­ple just need a lit­tle per­mis­sion to move into some of this.

[37:25] Do you have any thoughts for lead­ers or fam­i­lies on how to do this well?

[42:50] Can you paint a pic­ture of a leader who’s doing things well, who’s func­tion­ing with health and being effec­tive for the King­dom. What does their life look like?

[47:26] How do you guys, as lead­ers, care for your soul?

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