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Show Notes

In this episode, Richel­la, Nate, and James address hon­est lis­ten­er ques­tions about trea­sures and issues of the heart, issues with the Church, and how to have healthy account­abil­i­ty with­out it becom­ing rigid and legalistic.

  1. [1:35] What did Jesus mean when he said store up for your­self trea­sures in heav­en? And in a prac­ti­cal sense how do I store up trea­sure in heaven?
  2. [15:00] Here we address sev­er­al relat­ed ques­tions regard­ing tur­moil in the church, that the church feels dif­fi­cult for a lot of peo­ple, and the pain of adult chil­dren leav­ing the church.
  3. [29:16] Would you address the issue of account­abil­i­ty — resources seem to rec­om­mend a list of ques­tions to ask each oth­er, but that seems for­mu­la­ic and poten­tial­ly legal­is­tic. Is account­abil­i­ty best done in a group or 1:1? Do you have any ideas for us to get start­ed with?

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