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Show Notes

In this episode, Richella, Nate, and James address honest listener questions about treasures and issues of the heart, issues with the Church, and how to have healthy accountability without it becoming rigid and legalistic.

  1. [1:35] What did Jesus mean when he said store up for yourself treasures in heaven? And in a practical sense how do I store up treasure in heaven?
  2. [15:00] Here we address several related questions regarding turmoil in the church, that the church feels difficult for a lot of people, and the pain of adult children leaving the church.
  3. [29:16] Would you address the issue of accountability — resources seem to recommend a list of questions to ask each other, but that seems formulaic and potentially legalistic. Is accountability best done in a group or 1:1? Do you have any ideas for us to get started with?

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